New game mode: Bounty! | Coming April 13th


The second game mode in our series of new game modes is called Bounty! You start of with a set number of Bounties, and you lose half of those when you bite the dust. At that moment, the bounties you lose will slowly spread out over the arena. Duke it out with your opponents to collect as many bounties as you can to come out the victor!

Bounties releases on April 13th and will be playable for a limited time. Ranks will not be reset.

Have fun, Curvers!


I smell speed burst everywhere


Same here lego :joy: but sounds like it could be fun


Looking forward ^^ Can’t wait to play :smiley:



  1. Vroom
  2. Leech and wait until someone dies
  3. Steal someone elses’ hard work in killing
  4. Zap someone when they try to collect bounty


Its all fun and games until they turn invisible xD


I can already imagine people getting upset about this(including myself) by introducing a speed meta game-mode while there is a huge topic about speed burst being very buggy. Get ready for the bashing, devs.


Ill let u have the bounty, but ur taking a time bomb with u.
or any bomb


Oh cool a new mode. I sure do suck at the current one lol. I’m much more of a defensive player.

This looks interesting, although I’d argue speed wouldn’t be the only strat to use here. You could specifically use defensive modules to make sure you don’t ever die no matter what.

Speed is fun, but it’s just risky if every’s doing it.

I always welcome any sort of comeback of a speed lobby similar to cf2 though lol.


few improvements:

  • group the pickup-messages in the bottom left corner
  • change the “popping” animation when a bounty has expired to a “sucking back in” animation, this makes it clear, that those bounties are kept at the player.

few sugggestions:

  • spawn “big bounty” in the middle in the first round. This makes the start more fun
  • dont show the number above every head, but only above the best players or so


i love it XD SOOO HARD :smiley: lucky win & skill


for once speed are better don’t ruin it bro x) And with the jump update, speed + jump not really possible, it is balanced for this mode I guess


Much better than “FFA PRO”, but “KNOCKOUT PRO” is still the best imho.


Haha. FFA is the most skillful mode. Knockout and this new one are too random.


Hey all. As you might’ve seen and noticed; we announced a new game mode for Curve Fever Pro and rolled it out, only to roll it back a few hours later because of the build’s stability issues. While we were excited to show you the fun variety the game mode has to offer, we’re unfortunately shelving Bounty, for now.

We’re planning to release the next new mode this week, so stay tuned for more information on that, coming very soon!


where is bounty mode? will it be back one day?




WEll it could be in a long time


I can wait :grimacing:


oh I guess u liked it :sweat_smile: