New [Ex] Chat Moderator - theangelov



Hello everyone! :wave:

My name is David Angelov and I’m 17 years old. I’ve been playing the CF series since 2015 and I’m still pretty active :smiley:. I’m currently in a programming university (studying C# at the moment) and I want to become a game developer someday. I like to play instruments, camping and playing games
:guitar: :camping: :joystick:.

Anyway, from now on I will be part of the wonderful CF moderators team as a chat moderator!
Whenever you see me on the forum/discord server or in-game, feel free to talk with me! :speech_balloon:
If you have any questions, I’m open to hear them.

Here’s where you can find me:
CFPro: theangelov (forum and in-game) :cfp:
CF2: theangelov (forum and in-game) :snake:
Discord: theangelov#0075 :robot:

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


Awesome to have you in the team! Welcome :smiley:


Welcome :joy::beers:





Glad u joined the mod team,now the team name for this tour will be: two moderators with a title​:wink:,i hope u keep playing piano to delight us :musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard:


DAVID CONGRATS BRO!!! So happy for you bro!!!, Your will make a great MOD bro I still can’t play rn but I wish you well and I know you will do a great job! Keep up the great work BRO!

BIGDROJAS!! @theangelov


Good decision. Always fun to play in a room with Angelov.


<3 for u ^^
I am also c# developer so if u have any question about c#, just get me on dsc :wink:


Does this mean I can’t swear at you anymore?


You can keep swearing. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get muted/banned :wink:




It’s amazing that this game has just got such a moderator :grinning:. I’m sure it’s a good decision of the CF staff and @theangelov will do great in his new role :clap:


COngrats theangelov good job!!! I think you’ill be a GREAT MOD!!!


Congrats on a year as mod! :partying_face: