New event this weekend: 50% OFF Researchers


Hello everyone,

We have a little something extra planned for you this coming weekend:

Do people still want steerless? :eyes: Or is it all about trigger bombs now? :boom:

The event will take place from Friday, June 29th, at 8 am CEST until Monday, July 2nd at 8 am CEST.

Good luck and have fun!


The funny thing is I just bought gems :open_mouth:.

I don’t want to spend them on researchers though >_<


Nice offer again!

What happens if you have already 20 days researcher and buy another 30…
Will you get +30 --> 50 days, or just +10 back to the full 30?


+30 -> 50


i cant buy for 250 only for 500 p;


If you’re planning to buy with 50% off, hold your horses for a bit longer. Something went wrong with the event. We’ll push a fix live in a couple of hours.


The researchers have arrived!! :tada: :trigon: :tetragon: :pentagon: :tada:
Purchase them with 50% off till Monday.


Wouldn’t it be fair to give that event a little prolongation, since it started later than promised? :wink: Just saying…


if someone wants to buy, he will buy, a few hours will not make him a difference


It would for me, as I can get enough gems from Monday morning’s crate to buy another extension.


July 1st is Sunday. Did you mean July 2nd for the end of the promotion?


Oh well, I got confused by the original post, it says Monday 1st … Didn’t realise Sunday is 1st of July.


That wasn’t for you Turtle.


The banner is wrong, the sale is actually till Monday.