New event this weekend: 50% OFF Opening Crates


Hello lovely Curve Fever Pro people,

We have a special event for you this weekend: Opening crates early is 50% OFF!

Want to get that new Trigon ship faster? Or maybe you want to unlock that totally not OP steerless module you’ve seen others use? Now is the time!

The event will take place from Friday, June 1st at 6pm CEST until Monday, June 4th at 6am CEST.

Good luck and have fun, Curvers!


Perfect! :heart_eyes:
I’m looking forward it!


OMG YES THANK YOU, i’m trying to get veteran, this helps a lot


Nothing special, I prefer to hold the gems for something later.
Make a normal unlocking and faster powerup cost. :slight_smile:

+1 gem for top 1, and 42 for open chest its terrible, 21 too


Thanks, nice idea.

I was thinking about opening some crates anyway next days. That makes the decision much easier.


The thought is nice, but since of lag, i dont play anymore. if is offer occured in the old cf, i would be delighted


Aweeeesome c: thanks for the nice deal! Helps everyone in the game a little further :slight_smile: