New Community and Game Moderator - Mela



Mela here. I’m the new Community and Game moderator for CF2 and CF Pro. I will be joining alongside the talented family of staff in looking out for our fantastic community.

I’ve been involved in the community on multiple different accounts since 2012, watching it grow and transition throughout the years. I’m happy to have the opportunity to work closer with the community and team in making the game as good as it can be.

I will be monitoring the forums and games, helping players however I can and tackling inappropriate behaviour. If you have any questions and need assistance, I am always open to help so send me a message. You will be able to catch me around the community forums and in-game, feel free to say hi (:

I look forward to experiencing the growth of our game and community with you all!

Feel free to message me in-game/private message on the forums.

CF2: Misaki Mei / .Mela

CF Pro: .Mela in-game, Mela on forums


Welcome to the mod team! I am looking forward to work with you :slight_smile: Enjoy!


Welcome to the team! hope you enjoy your stay with us.:grinning:


Hi melaaaa :relaxed::hugs::star_struck:


Hello! Its nice to meet you! Thanks for picking up a mod position!


Hello! Nice to meet you!


hii nice 2 meet u :slight_smile:
can mods read our chats in cf pro?


@meow No, we are not able to read in-game chats due to privacy policies.


ok ty :slight_smile:


Meow, why are you asking? :confused:
Lol I don’t care, they can read chat if they are in your room ofc


ye but sometimes i chat with friends in private custom rooms and it would be soo weird if anyone could read it afterwards.
I also don’t care much cuz my life is like an open book.


Hi, nice to meet you! :smiley:


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