New Chat Moderator - ItsTheRealMath



Hi guys!

Some of you may know me from CF3 (our beloved and mighty CF3 :raised_hands: ). For those who don’t know me I’m Matheus, a cf3-cfpro player. I’m 17yo, 18 in June! I’m actually studying computer science and I enjoy programming. I’m a semi-professional rollerskater and I love snowboarding and I also was a competitive Arena of Valor player (Mobile game).

I will be the new chat moderator, Im very happy to have this opportunity to get to know better this lovely community and I will try to give my best to help everyone :yum:.

If you have any doubt or question, or just want to talk to me about anything related to cf pro, send a pm, im active in discord (The real primo Maxoos#4531).

And without further delay, enyoy curving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!


Hey, it’s cool :slightly_smiling_face:
Which languages do you program in? I’m learning front-end (css,html,js)


Finally a good mod :heart: (comment getting hidden in 3,2,1…)




Well, I’m starting with Java but I’ve seen just a little bit of HTML.
With Java, I’ve done kind of a database with windows and saving data in txt (weird thing to explain) xd.


hey that’s not me

but maybe i kinda agree with the fake sarah meow


good job passing the moderator interviews



Awesome to have you in the team! Really looking forward to work with you :smiley:


Congrats, Math! I’m sure the chat’ll be alot safer with a moderator sticking around! :smiley:


Uhm thx cara :cry:


Sry Rat :heart: I forgot you are a mod :*********


Grrrrrrrr :rat: :33333


:smiley: Congrats!


wait i didnt know @ItsTheRealMath was actually real math


oh, you mean your friend, pi?
y’know, 3.141596535897932384626433832795028841971


Wait, you know me? :thinking:


Yes finally a good mod again. Not like all other mods, who share personal data and misuse their mod powers. This time, don’t delete my post pls…


Welcome to our community :wave: if you got any complains about a moderator please contact the support team!


I loveeeeeee JavaScript
P.S I’m 17 2, but my car is off-limits till im 18…pretty pointless to get a car then xD