Nerf scatter and zap alredy!



Yes, i know there was a post about this a while ago but there were not enough reasons for nerfing those powers(at least for staff). Here i’ll show you two of situations with players who use those powers

Pay attention too the players who are using those powers let’s call them scatterers and zappers for short
Surrounding players

Situation: (check round 3)

There was no way for me to not lose my points, i would eventually lost them too red or purple. Even if it may seem that such situations are quite rare and I was just unlucky this time they often happen even though they need at least two players.

Targeting players with 1st place, cornering, stealing and dying after

2nd Situation: (round 3, round 4 near the end, 5 round) Focus on VIDMAN

Even throught he ended up being on 4 place he was near to victory, only thing he got to do is simply follow players and stealing after.



I think that everyone on the forum was in this situation at least once.

I don’t need any of those: “Hey, but it is hard too aim”,“Speed+Zap” if you think winning with those powers is impossible ask it from Grandmasters/Masters/others and you will finaly see how easy it is to play with this powers, if you are skilled enough.

If someone from the staff is reading and if those powers cannot be nerfed please… Pleeeeaaaase…
EXPLAIN WHY CAN’T YOU JUST FIX THEM ALREADY(sorry i’m a bit of triggered today)


Seriosly, is it hard to nerf amount of points trigger and zap can steal from 20% to 15%


Ok, first up I am a grandmaster and I have to say both zap amd scatter are pretty useless in high ranked games. Most good players just know how to run away from you that they don’t get hit.

As for not nerfing it: Since I am also a moderator, I can tell you that the devs have stats from whom they balance powers and they are so high because they r close range and on average steal less the fevers and such due to the rare occasion you get close enough I guess.

I guess it sucks to be first and then fall down because of one hit, but that is how the game works, you just need to learn how to defend or steal from those who attack you. A fever on the back is a good tip I can give you :wink:


From my experience with the game so far, scatter and zap can have a huge impact without too much skill in aim. They completely tear through low ranks and are super frustrating.

However, unlike fevers, they aren’t strong in late round often where the spaces are confined and the remaining players are separated. The counterplay to these super short range modules isn’t complicated either, as long as you can watch the other players while still maintaining control. Though this adds to the strength of zap and scatter at low ranks.


At low rank they are maybe not too bad. But just think of it if you would nerf them to let’s say 15%, they would be the same as normal shots.

Normal shots hit just as much on this close range, plus they have the advantage to have a long range as well.


Well, not really useless :grinning: Hide+zap or Hide+scatter allow you to win or get positive rank in high ranked games (of course not always). But at the moment I don’t see any reason to nerf it because it’s actually hard to get top players with it. I would nerf all attacking modules though :slight_smile:


Completely agree.


I enjoyed the second example provided by the OP, which acts as an almost perfect demonstration of what Line is saying and why scatter does not really need to be nerfed.


If we recall the policy of the developers (at least Geert’s ), it was said that they do not want the players to use the same powers in each game.

I don’t think this policy works on zappers and scatterers cause you can find up to 5 players in a game who uses those powers


That is entirely true. Since the balancing is an ongoing thing and will probably never be 100% balanced between all modules, there will always be a current meta. Maybe new players feel like they can win easier with those modules and that could even be the case in silver arenas. But after a certain level they are hopeless with those modules.

In high ranked games you tend to see different combos but there will always be modules that are less used such as thin or clockblock.


Against Scatter (since your examples are Scatter) is mostly about not getting into sticky situations, not what happens once you are in them. You have to aware where they are at all times and what kind of paths the other power allows them to take.

First one is a the most terrible example of them all. No one even went for you from the start you got yourself into that situation for no reason. Once you see green turn you should immediately turn East into the space instead of going parallell with red and purple. And even after you missed Time Bomb you still had about a full second to turn around and head for you own line where you will be able to jump if red chases. Red wasn’t even close to you at that point.

Round three in second example you had ample time to continue North after firing, instead of turning around into the Scatter guy.

Round four you should have jumped over the double line to the South or just drop bomb and suicide.

Round five is fine since you would have won the trade had you not missed your shots.


Geert can have that policy as much as he wants but I’m still going to use single shot and time bomb :slight_smile:


The policy is more about different players use different powers, so obviously you can stick with os tb :joy: i will stick with trigger + idk yet haha :joy:


Nah, not even close. You can dodge one shot, side shot, multishot easily not same for scatter and zap

  1. Scatter has spread so it will likely always steal points from you if you close

  2. Scatter has 4 bullets

  3. You can’t dodge zap if you’re already in its rangе

  4. Bullets can be shot even from the edge of the map so if you are on the other edge you will still have time to dodge not same for scatter because you won’t have time to dodge it cause the players will always be next to you

Isn’t listening to the players is the work of developers?

a. The power is fun to use


b. The power doesn’t feel unfair


c. Collect and analyze data (my data)

  • times power is installed in a ship: up to 5 players(not counting me) in the game install those powers
  • times power is used per round: based on how close triggerers or zappers are to players
  • hits done per round by power: 3 hits with trigger, 3 hits with zap (my record)
  • hits received per round from the power: up to 2 per round
  • points earned per round by the power: +54
  • points lost per round from the power: I didn’t count, up to 30-40 maybe

f. Account for ‘easy’ and ‘unpopular’ powers: based on how skilful you are


And i made another test game for you:


Gosh you literally mentioned it in 3 out of 4 points :joy: DON’T GET CLOSE TO ZAPPERS AND SCATTERERS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Both have a range limit, just don’t go in there. Watch who uses them and stay away from them.


Then it is forcing players to use fever just to make sure zappers and scatterers won’t steal points from you

Also: another game there I won but with more players that had gold ranks


As long as you don’t use zap or scatter yourself you don’t need to get close to someone :joy: you can play every other module from a distance far enough that those wont hit you at all :stuck_out_tongue: