Negative battle points and battle points above 1000. (out of sync)


So I just got to tier 33 on the regular battle pass, but it won’t let me collect my reward.
The points have -555 and it just says I can’t collect it.

B a t t l e p a s s b u g !someone pls help!
XP Bug wont let me redeem my rewards

try restarting the game and collect it


Try a refresh. Or contact the cfpro support :thinking:


Yeah on the server you didn’t level up yet and the server is always correct.
Refresh would have fixed it.
Your client probably rewarded you the points twice or there was another bug that caused your client to be out of sync.


Tried a refresh and it worked. I just didn’t know what was going on. Thanks



thats all folks

but now i am confusion


Bad luck gabby. Wish you good luck. If it happens again contact me. :upside_down_face:


Got stuck on tier 30,fate wont give the hoped robot skin,tell us if u could solve it


It’s just a visual bug, points were added or removed twice on the client due to a bug.
Can just refresh to get the correct data from the server.