Need help on learning laser


Can anyone give me some tips on how to use laser? I’ve gotten a double laser before on a gm and a diamond, but that was just total luck. :joy:

Plz give me some tips for laser! Thanks


I would love some help too (if I had laser)


I have it already


I use my new acc so


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I’d recommend equiping laser with a passive/defensive power (e.g. brake, power dash, etc.), as laser makes it much harder to turn. I also aim past the person im trying to hit, then sweep back towards them. And lastly, practice!


yes I definately need to practice because I just got it yesterday xD


If you’ve unlocked Multi-Shot as well, do laser + multi, and use multi for close range/midrange.


Laser is hit-or-miss: with great users, it’s OP but without practice,it’s just as good as any other power. Hope this helps, and best of luck!


Thanks for the tip! Also my best combo is multi and double everyone rages when i use it xD


Mine is multi and side, and both are hilarious to see in action!


oh i used that combo before i got multi double, and everyone just runs away from me xD


another great combo is Stealth Mine (Up) + Laser (Down). You can use the combo a bit like mine+brake, as laser slows you down a bit. (Helps you survive longer.)


thanks for the tip! are you waterjelly in-game?


The laser doesn’t let you turn while it’s activated btw :sweat_smile:


i know. but it slows you down enough for the mine to activate.