Need a new combo



Does anyone have any good combos for me to use?Ive been in gold way to long and Im ready to move on to diamond.


Jump+one shot (or laser), brake+stealth mine (or timebomb) and hide+zap (or scatter shot) are relatively easy and balanced combos to progress I think. You can try one of these. Or you can just check the leaderboard and find some successful combos there


Just play what you like and only play that. Maybe it sounds stupid but if there is no player around to shoot at, try to aim at holes :joy: especially if u use shots, that will improve your aim dramatically

Other then that, leaderboard is a good source of combos :stuck_out_tongue:


Не знаю как вам но мне нравиться Trippy + Brake


Speedy - speedy fever :rofl:


Zap and power dash
steal points and Just pierce everyone😀


Speedy fever+Power Dash=🥇


My fav is teleport + double shot or
Double shot+ 180