My thoughts on how to make curvefever better



Here are some of my suggestions to make game better

  1. Wardrobe

What is it?: A separate menu for customizing your ship skin, avatar, first place markers.

Why to add, what will it improve?: Players will no longer need to search for their customizations in the seasons menu.

  1. Experience for winning in game and abillity to save XP boosters for later

How will you get it?: Based on your ammount of points or based on your survival time or based on your place. Saved experience boosters will be available at battle pass menu or other places if developers will add some.

Why to add, what will it improve?: Players will get more experience than just opening a lot of crates and hoping they will get new level next week. Experience boost will now be more useful and advanced research team as well.

  1. More rewards in crates

What kinds of reward?: Some battle points as common reward, expirience boosts for certain small amounts of time as rare reward, avatars and first place markers as epic reward and skins as LEGENDARY reward(of course it will be 1 to 100 chance)

Why to add, what will it improve?: Crates now are really dull and getting golden crate isn’t great for now it just gives you bigger amount of experience based on crate type. More players will want to get first place to open them next day and maybe get something cool and more of them will buy Battle Pass because of mystery crate(Someone in comments please tell what can you get in those crates).

  1. Awards

What are those?: Those are virtual medals, cups, avatars, first place markers(no skins to op) that can be earned by winning or by participating in tourtaments.

Why to add, what will it improve?: It will simply remove thought of wating time at tourtament and getting nothing. More players will want to participatein tourtaments. This will be a small but for someone a worth reward for entering a tourtament.

  1. Daily Reward

What are those: Small rewards such as experience or battle points from day one to big ones such as avatars, first place markers and towards the end of the month. The end of month reward can be special skins(even if you will miss one day you will just be at the same reward you was, you simply just won’t get bigger rewards).

Why to add, what will it improve?: The number of players per day will greatly increase and the problems with a long search for players to play.

  1. More Languages

What kinds of languages?: Russian, Spanish, German and other languages.

Why to add, what will it improve: Do I really need to explain why? More players around the world will know descriptions of abillities, customizations and changelogs.

  1. Emojis/Gestures

What are those, how to use them?: There will be 3 slots available Numbers 1, 2, 3 will activate them. Regulary player will have 3 kinds of them (Sad Emoji, Angry Emoji, Happy Emoji) but you can get more off them at daily rewards, tourtament participant reward or in some battle pass tier rewards.

Why to add, what will it improve?: A better and faster way to express your emotions in game, faster than writing in chat(you probably will die while writing something in chat).

  1. Clans

What are those, how to make them?: You can make clans if you got at least silver tier. In clans you can spread news, talk together, give battle points to each other.

Why to add, what will it improve?: I can’t say much, you can just have fun together on your own cosmic stations ^0^

  1. Duels!

What are those: If you want to test your strength or have a game with your friend. To duel you need to find a player by he’s nickname, if player is online he can chose to duel or not with you, if he chose to play a short game with full (6 players sized) map. You won’t be able to get anything in the fight just have fun. They will have only basic mode( no survival or pickups).

Why to add, what will it improve?: Players who like quick fights or just want to avenge their last place can get this to use. Not much to say here, just for fun.

-----------------------------------------------------End of Suggestions---------------------------------------------------------

Welp, this was a big writing for me(i’m russian) and after i played this game for first time it just caught my eye on it. After playing and some updates i had a lot of questions that i couldn’t answer myself.

Some of this suggestions are big but worth making

If someone from developers team is reading this could you please answer if some of those suggestions can’t be added to the game and explain why?

See everyone later~



I am the tournament moderator and as such I will try to give you some feedback on your points 1 by 1.

  1. A locker room where you can change stuff would indeed be great. We have already something like that for skins. But the other stuff like avatars or hats are atm only accessible through the battlepass --> would be a great addition to the game indeed.

  2. Awards already exist for tournaments. The best players in tournaments receive gems (up to 500) and the winner receives a champion icon which will be visible in front of your name.

  3. More languages would be a cool setting. Devs however decided to go with english first at the beginning, because it is quite international.

  4. Most of the time when I want to write an emoji, I am already dead :joy: It would kinda interrupt my focus if you had to write/press a key while you are playing.

  5. Clans would be a great addition I think and they could be the next step after the friendlist. But I do not think they would be there for sharing battle points and such.

  6. Well, with the friendlist feature you can kinda do that already just create a costum room and let people join your room via the friendslist.

As for the points I left out, I think the progression system is quite good atm. You get battle points for every game and XP from crates which is kinda enough. They probably do not want to give out more XP/battle points to slow down the progress. Otherwise everyone would have all modules right at the start.

Hope this helped :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I know what awards exsist i’m just saying about virtual medals or small rewards

  2. It’ll be easier to click a button and only two players will be teleported


Hm, yea we could probably introduce something like that. I will have to discuss it with the devs tho :wink:


As a new player i would like if developers added everything from the list

As a more experienced player i think some of this things may not be added


Sure at the beginning you want to advance fast and have everything. I am glad you see that it would be kinda unfair to older players.

I have to say that some of your suggestions are really nice tho.


Good ideas.


I like the Wardrobe Idea more customization is always enjoyed


I’m really intrested if devs are planning on adding more rewards in crates


Like an inventory Where you can see your stuff?




yea im looking forward to stuff like that. The main issue right now is that there is no reward for being a good player, in the end you’ll get the same stuff as a bad player who just grinds. They really NEED to amp up the rewards people get for playing because there just isn’t enough motivation to play for many people