My thoughts on ads and VIP


Hello. I’d like to give my thoughts on the re-addition of VIP and ads.

VIP: Not worth it. $4.99 a month for no ads is too much. There has to be more incentive to buy it, e.g. a 1.5x XP bonus or . But then again, this game cannot be pay to win. NO SPECIAL VIP POWERS.

Ads: I like them. However, I was expecting banner ads on the main page/choose room page instead of <25s unskippable ads.

Hope you take this into consideration.


I agree VIP might need something else, idk maybe a star skin u can only use as long as u r VIP or something like thar


Pls make vip even more complete by adding up customizable pics,not animated ones ,just normal (apart alr mentioned ones)


Thiiiis. Even making it like a bootleg battle pass would work out. Or even giving skins every month for loyal people and building up the rewards on top of each month they pay for VIP. VIP is truly something that can be expanded upon as many other games have taken advantage of it perfectly. (discord nitro, twitch subscriptions are things that i think of when i think of a VIP service)


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll be adding a few extra goodies to the VIP package very soon.


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