My rank decaying


Hello i havent played in a while now that ive come back i see that ffa gamemode is only playable in customs and i dont want to do that. However my rank dropped from 2000 something to 1850 what do i have to do to stop it from decaying


play the game


Hi mate. Yes it’s a new game mode which for now is replacing FFA unless you head to customs and arrange your own FFA.

You should have 2 ranks. One for FFA and one for Teams. Your teams rank should be set to zero but you will quickly rank up through playing.

However your original FFA rank should remain untouched at 2000. Your actual GM position may have moved during your break but that should only be caused by other GMS achieving over 2000 in this time.

@Geert are you sure Elo just needs to play more? It sounds like his FFA score has dropped by 150 points. If this is normal please can you elaborate on how decay works when you are not playing? Do you lose 50 points per month for not logging in etc?


This is actually an interesting topic because I had a 6 month break from around December '18 to May '19 but the complete opposite happened to me.

This is what happened to my rank (and I’m certainly not complaining!)

So just before I had my break, GM started at around 1550 and diamond league was hardly used due to a lower player count - much like Masters league is now, you were only diamond for a bit before GM100. I actually got to GM96 back then and lost a game and fell back to diamond (1550 points) Then I took a break for around 6 months due to other commitments etc but here is where it gets interesting…

When I returned I found that I was at 1800 points and was in the Masters league - still just a game away from becoming GM but somehow acquired 250 points in my time off. It was as if the game had compensated me for the growth of the player base and instead of me still being diamond but having a whole league to grind before becoming GM again - it started me off as a Master just before GM100 - 250 points more than I left with but still technically in the same position (close to GM).

This does however contradict what Elo has experienced so I am curious. If what happened to me happened to Elo, he would have maintained his position and rank may have even increased to compensate for his absence so that his standing was still the same on his return.

I would expect that your rank should remain the same and when you return you may have work to do since other players have moved around you. But with me I gained points to keep the same position and with Elo he actually lost points.

@Rojoss are you able to please help explain what’s happened here? :slight_smile: