My problem with the visual fevers


I really like fevers. They are a unique way of letting players de buff others. However, there are some effects that I really have a problem with. I’m referring to the ones that change the way your screen looks: Low-res, Trippy, and Curve-blind.

I think the decision to add these powers is strange, Curve fever is a game that always leaves you in full control. You have access to all the information, and you can do what you’d like with it. Nothing is random (This is why pickups were removed). Because of this, I feel like it’s never the game’s fault (Until you remember how many bugs this game has).

These powers, on the other hand, take information away. This completely changes the way that you interact with the game. It changes it from a game where you have to quickly make a plan depending on your surroundings, and then attempt to actually pull it off, to a memory game. This is what I mean:

When you pick up a trippy fever the world kind of splits into three, it’s your job to remember which reality is which, because if you loose track, you can smash directly into a wall thinking it’s open space.

When you pick up a Low-res fever, you must remember which fevers are which, and where tiny gaps are (Like thin gaps and holes).

Finally, when you pick up a Curve-blind fever, red becomes invisible. All other colors are very easy to see, however.

I think this goes against this idea of complete control, by removing what information the player has access to, you are telling the player to hope that they remembered what everything looks like properly.

Also, Curve-blind and Low-res give certain players advantages depending on circumstances they shouldn’t have to control:
Curve-blind only makes red invisible (Racer is sort of red, but the yellow streak gives it away), why red? Why is a random color assigned to the player at the beginning of the game going to impact anything?
Low-res is worse when you play your game at a higher resolution, the player should be allowed to play with whatever resolution they’d like without it impacting the game like this.

So what do I recommend?

Remove or replace them. There are plenty of other effects that wouldn’t affect how the player sees the world.
If Low-res has the goal of preventing you from going through holes, just make a fever that makes holes solid.
If these fevers were supposed to distract you from other people and make you a easier target, just add a slow fever (Would slow you down), or a curse fever (Increases the amount of points you loose from getting hit).

Anyway, please don’t hurt me.
Thanks for listening.


Ive had problems with trippy and low res fevers as well it only shows me a very small part of the map i cant see my ship most of the time like i need to remember where i was going and calculate how i can survive which is almost impossible sadly no one took me seriously when i complained about it …


Hey Larbagar.

I have quickly tested some conditions you mentioned regarding the visual fevers. As regards trippy, I believe it is alright the way it is now. Trippy is, in my opinion, equally annoying for every player, regardless of skin/resolution/window size in pixels. As for Curve Blind, I have tested the skins Candy Cane as well as Red&Yellow and had no issues seeing lines while I was affected by the fever (I looked at the red parts specifically).

When affected by Low-Res however, I found that a small window size along with the low resolution setting in-game (0.75x) provided a significant advantage over the high resolution setting for equal window sizes. In my opinion this is unfair and should be looked at in more detail.

I have a 2560 x 1440px monitor and have tested with a fullscreen window size as well as a 1280 x 720px window size. For each window size I’ve tested the four different resolution settings while affected by the low-res fever.


The default red skin is the exact same color as the background for both me and a friend. It’s completely invisible. I don’t think we’re colorblind…


Yeah. It has happened to me as well… I thought is was normal so I decided not to report it. But then it got worse so I decided to get better with me curves and not go into it :rofl:, (I don’t know how you can do it lol). I was thinking of reporting it but forgot to mention it. I think Rojoss knows about the bug; if this is one; but otherwise I think it’s fine.