My newish friend (ish)


All of you might know hohoho. Some I know will dislike this but hohoho is actully a nice guy. He is friendly, and has a good sense of humor. @hohoho thx for the oppertunity for me to write this. He also loves polarbear theme (a cool idea). Hohoho also is a good player at cfp and i can tell is very dedicaded about it (my opinion)
quote by : Hohoho “#polarbear4ever




hohoho is the nicest person of this community. He is also one of the best players. But he is so shy. He doesnt wanna voice chat me.


You could get banned if you continue just posting whatever is on your mind, it could be interpreted as spam.


He says that he can’t speak english, so if you don’t speak French, no voice chat


:joy: :heart_eyes: thx meow


:joy:i dont know if this is considered as spam but occasionaly some people comes out with fresh topics ,although they most of times are spamming/flooding with good and not that good topics, i appreciate them though :wink: