My new word


I know all of you read my other off topic things but today I want to announce to the world (the little community) my new word : erf :partying_face: it is to mean : I am bored but don’t wanna give up. It is a positive happy word. it also means majestic dinosaur chicken nugget. I hope that you like my new word.


Nice. Now i will start using it maybe. Lets discuss some more new words… or lets make some new words with new meanings depicting some complex emotion like that roblox guy made the word “oof” and now everyone is using it. Our words should be short like eww, umm, dang, ah, nuu, kek, lulz, dafuq, etc…
i cant think of any new word right now … erf :stuck_out_tongue:


Dueh - When you are disgusted but you aren’t really sure if you really are


haha nice but when i am disgusted therez no ambiguity and i am usually pretty sure that i am disgusted.


freh - noun
showing dismissal of anger, despite experiencing true anger at that specific time
“Player was freh about Other Player stealing lead from them with a single side shot”


yanny it means you like someone’s idea or thought


I should make a curve feaver dictonary one day