My new song (yay)


I have made a new song and here we go

(clears throat )

i’m a little fishy in a bowl
i’m a little fishy in a bowl

I eat all day
Swim all day

I am a little fishy in a bowl

next verse

i’m a little fishy in a bowl
i’m a little fishy in a bowl

I out grew my bowl
Got a new bowl

i’m a big fishy in a bowl

New verse

I was a little fishy in a bowl
I was a big fishy in a bowl

Now I have gone to fishy heaven
I learned to count to eleven

And I used to live in a bowl


:sob: (poor fishy)


If this gets 10 likes I’m gonna sing it


Get this to ten likes so we can all sing it


:tropical_fish::blowfish::fish: :heart:


why yo songs so bad bruh




This song is great! Even @NoFlavor would agree with me.


i’m just playing g money, sing it for us


adding ,“blup blup” to the lyrics wouldve been perfect


How in the world did I get 10 likes?


Now it has 10 likes sing it.


13 likes :smirk:


Ok, because I got 16 likes, i sang it.
My recorder and editer all flipped out on me, so I posted it on soundcloud, and the upload did not work the best! So sorry about that. I also tried to sound funny, IDK if it worked, but thats not how I sound like in real life!!! Keep making the songs, and I will keep singing them!

That is my fish in the picture!
I hope yall enjoy it! Again, its not the best…


thanks for that but I totally forgot to say the song it goes to happy and i know it

srry for that but GOOD JOB


It could have been so much better…


ehhh… it waz good


I just did it to the now I lay me down to sleep song worked great…(not that anyone’s ever heard of that poem jingle) :rofl:

And before you ask, no, I’m not going public with my rendition.


awwww why not


Its to good for us noobs


Sorry, I only like to embarrass myself to a few people.

maybe if I was a better singer I would. Auto-tune can only do so much. LMAO