My most iconic CF moments



These are my most iconic CF moments (Killu edition):
3. One time I was on air on Curve Radio and players were sending in messages. I don’t clearly remember but there were 2 people that were sending messages and it turned out they had an interest in each other. So I exchanged their usernames and they became a couple. In the end, it turns out that they were just trolling me that whole time! :smiley:

  1. Calling Geert a pussy during our interview

aanddd 1. The most viral line from me was that I had written “CF taught me how to deal with fame”. Everybody started using this line in the game and found it so funny. Jealous people were mad though :smiley:

Anyway, share your iconic moments as well!!


  2. at 39:05


im disappointed geert did not know about illuminati :eye:


…i watched the interview you were scarred to say it.:smile:


I was! Not gonna lie :slight_smile:


This might not be iconic i don’t really know, but anyway onetime i was doing a 1v1 with someone and curve fever glitched so badly. They had air deathed, but the match was still going and i could go over lines or anywhere i wanted, but then i got bored, so i left the match.




Man, those were the golden days of CF2. Even with its own radio station. :cry:


LOOKATME :sunglasses:

i am god


Very well said my friend


@nib wth lol