My little trip with thanks


Let’s face it, this game is almost dead. You can find some real friends here nonetheless. :smiley:
I will be going on a little hitchhiking adventure through France with thanks#7595 this month.
Our first destination will be Paris this week. I will post some pics tomorrow.
If one of you noobs is in France and would like to meet up, let me know :smiley:
You don’t need to be in Paris we don’t have any plans and can see if we can fit your city in.
Let’s see if this works xD

Have a lovely day


ahah good delirium.
Have fun.

Too bad I’m in Paris but I’m leaving tomorrow


i wish you good luck and fun in your trip! dont forget the little thing i requested :wink:


Cmon boys contenance.
U really could not let this innocent little post be :confused:


Delirium :smiley:


Me thanks and @Cinot there. Who is who?


cinot is the sexiest there ez


@prabh wtf is that u?




Who is Cinot and thanks and you? Because i’ve never seen your selfies… Ou a-t-il été caché pendant tout ce temps… Used google translate :laughing:


cinot has to be the guy with the glasses or the guy in the left,aint no way




The guy with the glasses ??! Hahaha :joy:


Riomo is definitely the one on the left. I’m guessing that Cinot is sitting next to him and Thanks is sitting next to Cinot?


thanks is the one with glasses cinot is next to her yes


be nice deny and stfu


duh, riomo far left, then cinot 2nd from left, thanks far right


@Riomo let me know if London’s on the list :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunetly not :wink: maybe someday


Ok, thanks is long gone but is this @depth1 the savior?