My Dream Became Tru




(I think thats lag or something)


How did u do that lol :joy:




I only won with GM 4 and became GM 3
Its a lag lol
Or maybe teh tru


They reset the GM list, so once all past gms play one game you won’t be up there anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol ye i see im again Diamond


lol that happened to me on teams mode. I got like gold 2 and i was legit gm xD


Ye on team mode u had different rank so u could be GM 4 and Silver 3


aahahha ur lags are so funny bald man :joy::joy::joy:


U dumbass im not bald


yea right i saw u man in the pic ur bald its ok dont be ashamed u didnt want to be like that i know just u gota admit it man :smiley: (:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:)


I wasn’t bald bruh i was short haired





ahahaha thats a real impression of u


No u


Tahts my real impression(tru paint talent)


Happened to me too. I was diamond an then suddenly GM 18. Now I’m GM for real though :stuck_out_tongue:


XDDDDDDDDDDD ahahahaha so u dont give up bald man ?


No u dumbass xD