My departure from CFP


Hey guys, Property here.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this, and I think it’s finally time to cut ties.

I’ve made a lot of friends here in the community, probably the only one I’ll ever be able to get this type of stuff from, and I know that’s pretty hard to do, especially when it’s this accessible to anybody with a browser and a bit of time to spare, but I’m afraid the day has come. I won’t be taking part in this community anymore, mainly because the game’s dead and the forum apparently has a maximum of 2 people on at any given moment.

I’m not saying this to defame any of you. I’m not trying to be rude. I just need to let you know that my interests have changed and I’ve hopped onto the next bandwagon.

Thank you all for coming out, CFP.
Good luck, and have fun.


EDIT: I’ll be on this post in particular for the next semi-48 hours, or 2-4 days to answer any comments, questions or concerns that may arise from this starting 11/19/2019 using the M-D-Y system.


Feel free to contact me on Discord at Dotmaster Cade#5892 for anything else. I’ll accept friend requests.


Thx, sad that you are going … the game is far from dead tho :joy: #curveon :heart_eyes:


@Property we shall miss you no doubt,when you came up to this forum,things seemed to come alive again,there were so fun people on this forum that amused me in particular,i liked your humor sense,and will miss every funny moment i lived here because of people like u,i only hope that the saying come true"world is a handkerchief" and i expect to see you again anytime anywhere someday.thanks for being part of this period where we got lot of emotions through this game


Have a safe trip!


i have also moved on…:pensive: