Moving on with Tournaments


If I am available I will stream the later rounds @Line!!!


Alright that’s great! PS: we need a cfpro commentary team^^


Vidman for commentator!!!


Dont think I have that space/time…
I would love to


Commentary during the game or afterwards for highlight videos etc.?


Nah man, live commentary!


I have some thoughts from last tour I’d like to share in order to make them fair and square:

  1. Everyone needs to have discord acc for sign-ups and conformation (up to 1hr before tour).
  2. The initial bracket breakdown should only be made just before the tournament starts when mods know the actual number of contestans who confirmed their entry. This would allow the fair seeding distribution (rn it was random - some rooms were full and some were empty)
  3. There should always be a player designated for setting a room and providing results afterwords.

Why all this important? We have all spent an hour (sic!) before playing a first fully seeded room and everyone could tell how hectic this time was.


I’m currently making a Discord bot to automate the signup process.
It will also include notification reminders about the tournament.
The reminders will be sent on Discord, in the game and by email.
This should hopefully improve the turn up rate.

So for further tournaments you’d have to sign up through Discord and it will be a little more automated.
It’s a first step to automating tournaments a little more.


I always tend to prepare the schedule a couple days before the tour and fix it after I know how many people sign up. However I cannot know how many will show up. And normally you know that once the tour starts. Changing the schedule takes a lot of time and it is kinda useless to make it if only 1/3 of the people show up.

The bot Rojoss is making will notify players and I am sure that will increase the amount of people showing up. But there will always be lots of players not coming. This time around only 2 players told me they wouldn’t come out of 103 that actually didn’t show up.

I will try to think of a possible solution for this. If you guys got any ideas I am eager to hear them.


Yeah, countdown clock on a front page, I mentioned it on discord but it’s a must.


I will talk to the devs if that is possible.


Might sound dumb dont get me wrong because think of it here the power-ups are the main source of the game and people rellie on that too much so what about a no power-up tournement to see the real inner skill of players. Thanks for having me i hope you like my idea!


Wow,didnt know 103 contestants didnt showed up,i think there is not necessary at all a kind of reminder or so,i really thought this tournament would have one of the best attendance since the big amount of sign ups,personally i think is up to each person to be aware of the competition date.


Mmm hmm they need to step into 2019 and figure out the fact that thares something called a calender


That happened already. Became a boring camping contest, it’s not real cf pro skill


Reminders help however and we try to do our best to get the most amount of players actually showing up.

And as for the no-modules tournament, yea well we some already with only passives and none. But actually the next tour will go in that direction.


Please find a way to not make it a camping tour :wink:


How about a steal only as in zap and one shot but you cant use brake and defensive stuff


whens the next tournement


Probably around the first 2 weeks of april… I got a couple of ideas for the next tours only stealing was one of them :stuck_out_tongue: