Moving Forward with Official Tournaments - Tournament Thoughts and Ideas


None tour next.


and owl,u gonna make tournaments each 15 days or monthly? last tourney was well arranged, and by the way,nice comeback u made to you all :wink:


Plz next must be the 17(sunday)


I hesitate to have 2 tournaments a month just because we don’t want to have too many champions in the game so early. A champion title should be something special and as unique as possible.

Having said that if you think that the community might benefit from splitting official tournaments into “fun” and “serious” tournaments, then we might be able to come to an arrangement where we have 2 tours a month but the winner of the “fun” tour only keeps champ title for a month.


Well one tournament could be about no modules ,and the real official could be about modules,and no modules could have another ranking system,apart from the ladder (quick play mode),this way players would be encouraged to play. If u need more ideas/help dont hesitate to contact me :wink:


I like this idea, as lower players can actually win something, the problem is, the main forum base here is all skilled players. This could be solved by having the sign-ups in the game, but some people might sign
up and not come.
May we please have one of these on Saturday, as I cant play on Sunday.

Oh yeah!

Alright, with the ideas:
I was thinking like a CF world cup, a team mode in which players from the same area or country team up against others. Now, I understand that this could be hard, as many players are not in the same timezone.
Or a slower game mode, like one no modules, which would bring camping back, like in CF3.

If there is only 1 tournament a month, the rewards should be large, if there are many, it should be a little less, as many people might win. The tag should go away every month.
If keybinds come back, a reverse key game would be awesome!


I think a battle royale mode would be cool. You can make the map giant and you can make a battle mode where the modules are to turn the trail on and off. You could use the power ups from the quickplay and place them randomly across the map for users to pick up and use as weapons but they can only use two at a time. i think that sounds pretty cool.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the world a developer died. :smiley:


yes, CFroyale, The new place where 12 year olds who will jump as soon as they see the words “Battle Royale” scream at you for killing you, and where lagspikes kill more than 1shot. @Aciii I really don’t know if this game can handle a Battle Royale. I mean, put a couple of spectators in a custom match and the lag is unbearable. The devs need to fix that before any Battle Royale can be implemented. And also, how would you drop in?


I was just suggesting. I don’t really expect it to actually be put in the game but i thought it might be okay if they could figure out a way to.


I like the idea though I don’t think the servers or the dev team can do it quite yet. Have you got any ideas for gamemodes that we could play using the current game? Things like certain powers allowed only or maybe a mode where you have 2 teams and each one has a “king” who can’t steal points and can only dodge and survive. The task is to protect the king so that at the end of the match whichever team’s King has the most points wins.

These are the kind of ideas I was thinking of. Also how should tournaments be made more accessible to new players?


@Aciii I wasn’t meaning to make fun of you for that statement, I think it is a good idea.


@Aciii i like the idea of making battle royal into cf mechanics,only can be possible on our minds though