Moving Forward with Official Tournaments - Tournament Thoughts and Ideas


Hey there community!

This evening (or this afternoon or yesterday or whatever you’d like to call it) I hosted my 2nd Curve Fever Pro Tournament. Congratulations to @Turkey for winning! @Maluku was a close second followed by myself and @Line who won every game until the semifinal.

When I started as a tournament moderator I had a hope. I wanted tournaments to be 2 things:

  1. An opportunity for the best players in the game to get together and battle it out together to compete and discover who really was the strongest in the game.
  2. A place where new gamemodes can be tested to encourage diversity of gametypes across the game. This game has so many different powers, and therefore possible gamemodes. Through tournaments I also wanted to offer players an opportunity to understand this possibility instead of just playing the same crate games in quickplay every day.

So far I have offered what I feel have been tournaments for each possibility. The first tournament, mimicked the main gamemode of cfpro, quickplay, with very intense, high level matches. The second was something different, a gamemode completely different from quickplay - (perhaps) more strategic, slower and arguably more “fair” (considering the differences in power levels and with fewer random hits from the other side of the screen with a laser).

The question is where to go next. And that’s where I would love to hear your feedback!

Would some of the lower levelled players be interested in a tournament where there is a level cap of maybe XP level 10 or 15? Should we continue with more “fun” tournaments with alternative gamemode ideas, like teams or 1v1s, restricted power options? Should we go “old-school” with CF2-styled tournaments - thin, corner, speed (with speed and speedy)? Would anyone be interested in seeing the Top 10 highest ranked players in the game going head-to-head with one another “Last Battle”-Style? What about round-robin tournaments? Or month long in-game challenges? Or should we stick to classic quickplay-style matches?

As a tournament moderator I also think about how the official tournaments might transform this game from a casual game kids are playing at school or in breaks at work, into something they might wish to become more invested in and play more seriously. How important should the tournaments be? How coveted should the champion icons stay? Do we gift enough coins and gems compared to other curve fever games where you would be gifted a year’s worth of premium membership - could we perhaps offer an xp boost or an increase in power level points for all your powers? Should we enforce punishments for those who sign up and don’t play - rank deductions, xp deductions, being taken out of future tournaments, etc.?

Should I offer 2 tournaments a month? 1 more “fun” and the other more “serious”?

I’ve written a lot and have been thinking about it even more. But I wanted to hear your thoughts? What do you, the community, think should be the future of CFPro’s Official Tournaments?

Thank you for reading this far!

Moving Forward with Official Tournaments v.2

Well, i think you should do a tournament every month Cuz 2 per month is too much and everyone would have a crown. And Also maybe doing tour the sunday and the saturday to let a chance for people who can never play the sunday (like me).


But crowns only last until the next tour…


while i was watching the livestream i really realized how cool was the tournament being held, i regretted by not signing up to it,but well,i enjoyed the livestream with the casters (very good couple no flavor and averazon)
the important : you could do 2 per month,1 about no modules and other about some interesting modules mix, other idea is making a ban modules each other


Nope they last forever…

At least for now.


Hey Owl! I couldn’t take part in both your tourneys unfortunately (I can’t play on Sundays, it’s just my personal problem though). But I followed it on forum and watched videos. 1v1 seems to be boring for me personally, even to watch. The tactics is too clear and there’s no surprise. I would like to play more usual quickplay tourney’s but with some special ideas on possible modules allowed. For instance only shooting modules (side, multi, double, scatter and regular) or only fevers. Wouldn’t that be cool? But I think devs need to make an option to control the level of modules allowed in the room.
Since it’s impossible right now what about tourney with only defensive modules? Jump, Brake, Thin, Speed, Shield, Hide self, Angle turns. It’s not a big advantage over newbies if you have a higher level defensive module, it’s just 0.1-0.2s longer, that’s it. Besides “No modules” (18 players) tourney proved to be as interesting to others as Official one (19 players). So defensive aspect of the game is still interesting for about the same amount of people.
Also 1 tourney per month is enough I think. It should be something special and for that once in a month is enough. And by the way the crown should not be deleted from the champ ever. Because what you get for hours of practicing and beating the all the best players is only virtual gems and virtual crown, not something real. And I saw that some people want to take away even the virtual crown from previous winner after each tourney. Really? Let this small thing to be with each winner till the game exists.


Thin or none tournaments forever pls


Gspeed tournament pls.

  1. Speed burst + speedy fever shot tournament
    3.hideself+ scatter
    5.fever madness tour
    Some nice ideas for the upcoming fortnights


I have some things to say…

First of all, i think it could be better if there is 2/3 games per round in 1v1 tournaments and the loser of the round lose (or goes to the playoffs, in the first round). The current system isn’t enough fair, because if something like ( lag, disconnect, bug or you hasn’t been focused) happen in ONLY one round and you lose, you lose hole tournament :frowning:.

Second, why would you make the tournament ranked? We have to enjoy the tournament and have fun, but if it’s ranked and you lose a round, you lose rank + the hole tournament (which makes you rage quit xD)

Third, there is no need of two Official tournaments per month. As you saw, the most of the players on the last Official tournament didn’t show up, which could mean two thing (they forgot about the tournament) or (they couldn’t play). So, there is no need of two tournaments because there isn’t so much players in them and if the players become more, they could start to make an Unofficial tournament and have fun.

And the last thing… please make a Non-power FFA/One-shot FFA tournament :3


I gotta say, I mainly enjoy playing with speed and shock, so that’s why I didn’t enter the last one. So I’d like atleast the occasional one where it’s all powers, or speed/shock are included. Not that I expect you to tailor them for my wishes :stuck_out_tongue:


OH YES :joy: <3

  1. Cutoff tournament: Speed burst + defensive weapon (jump, thin, hide self, angle turn, brake) :heart:
    (but no speedy then IMO, speedy might have its own tour too, but the speed tournament will be better if you cannot also steel points with Speedy, in my opinion. Also a (speed + defensive) means almost no advantage for upgrading modules, which is good for lower players)

  2. ZAP + defensive weapon (no Speed Burst though! :slight_smile: Shield OK but in no more than one match per round.

  3. Random combos tournament.
    [For each room, Own draws lots for 3 modules. The modules should be up to lvl 10 if low players are in the room, or up to lowest-level player if everyone in the room is above lvl 10. Everyone needs to choose 2 out of these 3 to play. For each room in a round with 2 and 3 matches, 5 and 7 random’ed modules respectively, a player needs to choose different combinations out of them for each of his/her matches. (Possible additional rule: in late rounds, high-level modules are drawn with higher probability as they were less likely to be drawn in early rounds with more players.)]

and it’s funny imagining this too: <3


It could be fun to make a tournament, where you could only turn either left or right during a round, so you would have to choose which way to turn for the whole round. Did it with some friends and it is surprisingly hard.


Maybe a gm fight? Like in cf3


So in response to this thread I have a new suggestion!

Anyone has a gamemode idea, pm me either here or on discord, and we’ll arrange a time to test the combinations, gamestyle, how stuff feels, etc. I’ll record it and upload for others to see what gameplay looks like with that mode. Also gives me as a moderator a chance to test powers. And if its a gamemode that requires more people we can invite some other players to play too :slight_smile:


1v1 me thin xD


What I have to do to inscribe myself in a tournament? Where are the next tourments? I don’t find it!



I will post a forum post online 1 to 2 weeks before each official tournament - follow the instructions on each forum post to sign up. There will be a notification in the curve fever discord channel. They usually take place on the last Sunday of each month though this might change in the future. Hopefully if I get the devs help there will even be a banner in game advertising each tour.

I hope this answers your questions :slight_smile:


Yeah! Thanks!