Moving Forward with Official Tournaments [The End of OwI]


X-Mas All Powers - Tournament Plenary

Again a few days have passed since the December Official Tournament. I was lucky enough to win it, 2nd place was @theangelov and 3rd was shared between @Line and @IWasInBeta. I’m sorry there was no stream this time, but I tried to get the finals video uploaded as soon after the tournament as I could! (If anyone wants the 1080p footage to do a better editting job than me, please just ask me either via discord or pm via this forum.)


After the last tournament lasted over 4 hours, I thought I’d try and make this one a little shorter - the tournament took just over 1 hour to complete. Please give your feedback as usual.

Tournament Moderator

Over the last month or so I’ve been starting to slowly cut down the time I’m spending playing curve fever pro. Its sad to say, but its time for me to step down as tournament moderator. While I’ve really enjoyed organising tournaments and being part of an amazing mod team which really cares about this community, I need a break. I’m not quitting the game, but just taking a bit of a step back. Therefore, after the Best Plays XMas Event is over, I’ll be stepping down from the tournament moderator role.

I wish the best of luck to whoever takes over, please message me if you’d like any tips and tricks on organising a tournament.

And yeah, please continue to leave awesome feedback!


Thanks for the tours OwI, I’ll miss you :heart: (and so will Ray, #teamranjowly forever :heart:)


We love you Owl (and anja too)


That is really sad to hear!! You were a great tournament mod :heart: Thx for all the good times


I like that it wasnt that long, it was pretty short but I like it more than one 4 hours long :laughing:

And bye bye Owl… I hope someone good will take ur place :grin::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Bye bye ivi c:


Thank gosh.


I could take your place, but I will never be as good as a player as Owl. Goodbye man, you will be missed!


Thanks for all tournaments and being that positive person.


you’ll definetely need to work on your spreadsheet skills then :laughing:
jk… only the coloring :laughing:


NOOO owl ,cant be possible… you have to stay :C, you were the best tour mod ever!! (and the only one)


Lol I know, I have learnt last week in school. In future it will be better!


Sooo, this was the first tournament I hosted:

Vidman is starting out in the correct direction!


:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

Those comments in schedule though :joy:


Owl I like it! We all start off small! Um, was that CF2 or 3, I could not tell lol!


Bye, Owl. I hope that you have a winter break. :snowflake:

(P.S. You spelled ‘organize’ wrong. You spelled it with an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’.)


Nah I spelt it correctly. In English you spell it with an ‘s’. I know in American you spell it differently but I stick to English for my posts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im sad cuz only teachers taught me us english


Its still English. Owl Is using British English. Stardust, and I are from America, so we use American English!
color is American, Colour is British


And there are many other words which are different in British and American :grin::wink::grinning: