Motto For CFP



For Curve Fever Pro, we need a motto. How about we make one ourselves?

For this topic, you will make a motto that will perfectly represent the CFP game entirely. Remember, it has to be appropriate and not off-topic (unless for replies and compliments). Good luck!

Ex: "Curve Fever Pro – A game where the beginning is slow and boring, but it gets more crazier at the last few rounds."


Curve Fever Pro: Forget Side Shots. Multi is OP.

  1. “Curve Fever Pro - The game that isn’t straight forward.”

why? Because curve fever is a game were you move with your ship and you move constantly. And the game is more challenging than you think.

  1. “Curve Fever Pro - The game were it gets crazier every second.”

why? Because every seccond you move the playfield gets busier and busier with all lines.


More like…

CFP: The game that isn’t ‘straight’-forward.


wathever :upside_down_face: :joy:


Curve Fever Pro - the game which everyone steal from you

Especially when you are a GM :frowning:


Curve Fever Pro - the game where people saying FOCUS HOHOHO (even if the game isnt started and they never played with you) say that you do not deserve top 5 cuz you are really not focused…


Curve Fever Pro - Not-so-good Version of CF2


CFP: The game where a single powerup could cost you $100+


Cfp,that addiction that nobody can leave it,despite its flaws :wink:


CFPro: devs’ sandbox


CFP, the game that destroyed cf3 :c


Curve Fever Pro:

For every good combination that you don’t use and it could cost you a rank or more.


CFP great potential poor execution


Cfp the ugly but interesting sister of cf2