Spare time to know the most OP POWERS.

My opinion is that the most OP Power combination is REVERSE AND BRAKE. I say this because once you are level 24, you can unlock Reverse and Brake at level 3. So you got to agree with me that Brake is OP and it protects 3O%. Now with Reverse. It is OP against NOOBS because they are NOOBS. People will be like saying but NicK R3VErSe OnLy STeAlS 6.9% ( FOR NOW) OF SOmE0NeS P0InTS. Well reverse had a good effect on noobs and will annihilate them immediately.

So when I play rooms with my friends, they say that I can’t play with REVERSE because they are jealous or they say it is tooOOOoooo OP. And sadly, they will kick me out if I use REVERSE.

A big thanks to my friend @Asian_rexy for helping me to make this article.

From: @Nick98 and @ASIAN_REXY: :grinning:


Nice topic


[insert slow clap here]


Dont you think you are being rude to new people i personnaly want reverse to be nerfed


Sorry you have to deal with him


I dont think hes being rude


thats called cuber-bulling bro, its his opinion


why the heck did you reply to yourself


Naw bro speed zap + personal skill = op op op op don’t ever nerf plz


omg would agreee!1!!!1!!! :joy::joy::ok_hand::fire::100:


Its player 1


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hey shaggy I HELPTOO D: i have reverse im nick98 friend I help him with half of the articile




These Past few weeks I have seen a lot of improvement From ASIAN_REXY and Nick98 because they are now using reverse it helps them a lot. now i see a whole new perspective of them both and the are really improving.

Keep it up guys.


its shay




Train your brain with reverse corner,it will be useful to improve your coordination xd


you don’t receive effect of reverse if u use corner l0l