Most annoying combos



As you might know, there are combos like speed up and zap, which everyone hates when they see someone coming in their direction in double speed with a zap charged. So I’d like to know if there are any other combos that you DON’T like people using against you and combos that you don’t like using yourselves, as in your not good at using them.


I like ppl using speed zap, if i have 180 i can troll them, and if u dont they provide a fun challenge. I dont like ppl using double fevers and then pamming at me tho.


Yes, or you can troll them by speeding yourself


most annoying combos list.
Power dash+Zap
hide self +zap
speed burst+zap
(insert any power here) + zap


Lol anything with zap truly is GAE