More ways of paying


Can you guys please add like rixty or gift cards to pay with.
Also is there a possible way to use a visa gift card


or paysafecards


I have the paysafecard option as payment :thinking:


oh so nevermind :joy:


me young so no paYsaFEcArD what is dat


What kind of gift cards?
We already have quite a lot of payment options and will probably not anything soon unless it’s super easy to do so.


Maybe… something like… gift codes? You buy gems for other players from your account as a gift code and then you send it to the player you want to receive the gems.


Or just gem transfer between accounts would be nice.


I don’t think so. If a gem transfer is implement to the game, most players will make second accounts to farm gems and transfer them to their mains.


As angelov said, definitely no gem transfer between accounts for multiple accounts reasons. But devs aren’t stupid so that will never be an option anyway. Gift codes on the other hand (a possibility to buy gems for other players) would be a nice addition though.


i was thinking if your on mobile change curvefever into an app not on chrome and then let people use iteuns or google play gift cards


Mabye you can add gifting