More than one account?


I have 3 total accounts is that somewhat a lot or weird?


I think that’s not weirrd…
I have 6/7 accounts…


I personally got 1 :stuck_out_tongue: don’t get why people would make several accounts


I made some other accounts for training exmpl - if u don’t know how to play double - angel and u care about rank and don’t want to loose rank u use ur second/third/fourth account to train…


Or you simple play with your main account, get good and rank up after learning a new combo! :joy:


:rofl: but u can loose like -138 when trying to learn a new combo (i had -138 when i was learning backfever).


yeah but then you’ll get +200 once you learn it


I got laser used it for a couple quick plays and dropped a rank


I got + 71 rank with double - jump