More powers




Today it is about the powers. I’m personnelly on level 24 and i’m looking for reverse.

Like i’m starting to worry. What if there no more powers I can unlock maybe i’ll quit.

It will maybe be boring once I unlock everything. Please one of the monitors like @Line to tell me if they will add more powers. I’m just kinda worried about more powers it’s frightening to me.

Guys just talk and have a meeting about these powers and balance them for me and other Gmrs that will play the game.

Maybe a power like a power that turns people screen turns around.


Tbh i would have to agree with you but this is only around 5k-10k There are tons of player who have just started but i would have to agree with you


It takes quite a while to unlock everything. As far as I know there are no new powers planned.

I would love to see some cosmetics tho after you unlock lasr… maybe a special color or avatar would be sick. Otherwise the higher XP Levels are kinda useless.


But With Gems? It better be cheap!