Monthly rank system



Hello everybody! I had an idea in my mind and wanted to share with everyone. Atm, there really is no point in being #1 ranked player so how would you guys feel if every month there was some sort of reward (maybe like an icon, or animation like GG similar to one in CF2, or a unique skin) for being #1. I feel like this would bring more competition into the game especially between the grandmasters.

Also, there could be something for position #2 and #3 as well. #1 gets three rewards for example; a unique skin, an icon, and animation over your rocket after winning a round, #2 would get the icon & animation, and #3 would only get an icon. And of course, all the rewards should be monthly. Let me know what you guys think of this. :slight_smile:


thats extremely hard… how about you get gems for how many levels you go up in a month


Maybe there could a permanent achievement that you can get for reaching #1 or top 10 and you could get rewarded with a skin instead because it’ll be hard for the devs to do that and only give it to 1-3 ppl, more worth for them to put it in the battle pass / shop. Or, at the end of each season give a unique skin to top 100 or something.




-Gotta let the devs eat man. I’ve realized we ask for way too much free stuff, ya know? @nobody

-The rewards one would acquire being in those top positions should last for only a month just so there is competition. I don’t think it would be hard to do it because they reward players for winning in the tournament accordingly every month anyways. If it were to be permanent, it would be boring cause then players who get the rewards wouldn’t try to get it again since they already have the rewards, ya feel? @Elo


This could be implemented after a rank reset (And those who have more than 1 GM accounts could be banned :smiley: )


Yes!! Also, I liked what Line said on discord. This could be a seasonal thing just like the battle pass. Everyone would be trying to earn those battle points and at the same time, they could also aim for the highest rank. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand: