Modules and Combos for new players


Some words about Curve Fever

Curve Fever might be a simple game but in reality there is alot of depth going on for a multiplayer game of its calliber and people have been playing it for over 11 years. Even in its simplest form without combos and powerups curve fever is a fun game and can be really addictive and competitive.


The aspect of curving around comfortably is hard for new players on its own but it is essential for the player to play the game at a level that is going to be an enjoyable experience.

Obtaining game sense and control

In order to pick up the game mechanics quicker you need to learn how to curve. The best technique to do that is to stay alive as long as you can during a round to minimize the time you sit waiting between rounds. When you survive long enough during a round firstly your brain grasps moves and ideas that you can use multiple times in the same round and therefore they can be established inside your mind much quicker. The first goal is to stay alive as long as you can in a round using techniques and ideas you come up with and eventually becoming comfortable with them. Thats why there are combos that allow you to do that. I will cite combos that are made for easy use and are beginner friendly. So without further ado:

Brake Jump

Jump and Brake are definetely the 2 most beginner friendly modules that allow the player for curving mistakes and therefore making the game much more enjoyable for a new player. So a combo of them is the absolute beginner combo. When you play with it for some time you won’t even notice how much better you will become at the game in a short period of time and if the game had been unplayable before for you you know will begin to actually get the idea of it

Curving and starting to use fevers and mines

Brake and mine in front

When you start getting better at the curving aspect you can actually begin using other modules. Survivability is the key to learn something quicker. So using 2 absolutely new modules like mine and 1 shot will make your life harder. You can have one new power to play with paired with a module that will allow you to make use of the new module with more ease. In general brake is the module that does that. Its the ultimate pillar for you to learn other powers cause while you use brake it gives you ‘time’ as you slow down to perform your other power. So talking about this combo in particular, mine in front introduces the beginner to the fever-mine mechanics and the idea of stealing points using it while also using the mine to survive more. Throw on release is recommended

Brake and Fever in front

In the same logic you can use a fever in front instead of a mine. As we said before a mine gives you much more survival potential. So learning to use Brake and mine first can help you more out in learning how to throw fevers nad thus Fever and brake require a player that is a bit comfortable with the mechanics and not an absolute beginner

Learning how to shoot

brake and homing

As we said brake is the ultimate pillar to learn other powers. Homing is good in order to introduce the new player to the aspect of shooting forward in the game and active aim. Its the natural progression to one shot

brake and side shot

The mechanics of side shot make it one of the best if not the best beginner shooting power. As i have observed in low ranked rooms the side shot is used more effectively. In side shot you can just ‘scan’ your side areas only by moving forward without needing to aim by changing direction as it happens with one shot. So with the side shot you have the ability to hit people only by passively moving forward and wait for the enemy to be in your shooting field of view without actively change direction. Therefore you only need to do one thing: wait for the enemy to come to the side of you by moving near him. In that way the brain focuses only on when it is the right time to press the shooting button but with one shot it focuses in multitasking and thats it to first change direction in order to face the enemy and then shoot. Thats why new players find side shot more comfortable to use and cause new players cant really shoot in great distances, side shot maximizes the accuracy in close distances with minimal failure unlike one shot. And after getting comfortable with passive shooting you can use changing directions to actively aim with side shot

jump homing

Another good combo for beginners-intermediates. Its more challenging than brake but after becoming a bit more comfortable with homing brake, its good to use

Easy to get first in low ranked lobies

The previous combos aim to train you to become better in the game. There is an easier way to win low ranked lobies or do good in them if you are a new player. Zap module!

Zap brake-zap jump

close contact is frequent in beginner rooms. So zap really is very good at winning games by stealing points from new players. So if your aim is to win bronze and silver rooms then use zap but it probably wont help you get much better mechanically to be able to play in higher ranked rooms.

That was a mini guide. Hope it can be helpful to some new players that don’t see how to get better, want to get a grasp of the game and enjoy it more. First of all though fun comes above all. Actually enjoying the game will inevitably make you better at it :slight_smile:


Great beginner guide! Thanks for writing this up, it will surely help newer players. :smile:


No problem! My pleasure!


Why is throw on release recommended instead of throw on next press? Is it just better for new players?


Throw on release has one major advantage. You can place the mine as close to your snake as possible while with throw on next press you can’t do that. It is better for advanced players i would say . If you use trigger bomb you will understand it better as you will find yourself many times in tight situations where a quick throw on release will do the trick better. Its better to learn early on the release technique. Ive used both i find the release more effective cause of that. In tight situations you want to release the mine or the trigger or time bomb or whatever quickly and close to you. It feels more natural and easier. As for the throw on next press it has an advantage of throwing in medium to far distances without having to press constantly the button thus giving you the feel of better control while throwing a mine far away. But you can do the job as well with throw on release with more practice. So you have 2 different approaches one has advantage in close range and one in far range as for how comfortable it is. But the thing is with press on release you can release the bomb as close to your snake as possible which gives you some advantages over next press with which you can’t do that. its not possible regardless of how quickly you double press. There are several situations that this plays an important role defensive and offensive


Noo, dont introduce them to zap, they will get toxic :frowning: jk xD