Module Upgrades



Hello there, and welcome! My name is Dragonfyre, and today we’re going to be talking about a facet of this thrilling game called

Srsly tho, we’re going to discuss upgrading modules. Yep, that’s right.

We’ve all seen it: upgrading your modules only increases their defense or their attack, and not much else, if anything at all. When this update was made, it warranted a major rebalance.

This was to make other powers have less of a difference, and to make powers more fair and such. There may have been other reasons as well.

But the thing is, as most of you may know, there used to be a point before this update where upgrading increased the effect of the actual module.

For example, if you upgraded the brake, it would reduce the speed factor and increase the duration. Now, we just get more attack. I believe that players would be more excited to upgrade modules if they actually received changes that would increase the usefulness of the power as well as a slight increase in defense or attack.

For instance, have you ever seen anyone getting shot while jumping? Maybe you have, but rarely. Right now, I have over 2,000 defense on jumping. If the developers altered the system so that you actually increased the length of the jump when you upgrade it, like the case used to be, then I would enjoy it a lot more, largely because jumping is used to avoid crashing, not as a defensive maneuver to avoid losing too many points.

Furthermore, I’d suggest buffing the scatter shot. It used to be enormously powerful, and now it’s close to useless. No one who has used the scatter shot since it was nerfed has actually done good for themselves. Upgrading scatter shot should increase bullet speed and range.

Kindly consider this, developers.

Thank you.



This will still create an unfair advantage. that is why “we” are getting rid of this system.

Also some powers (modules) already do this. :wink:
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I play with scatter shot and win all the time, it does not need to be buffed.
developers have the stats on scattershot. currently everything is mostly balanced.
… this was today!


Thank you! I did not know this. Sorry about it, and once again, thanks for bringing it to my attention.