Module Combination Roasting Challenge



For this topic, you’ll go and roast any module combinations you’d like to roast. Here are the rules:

  • Your objective is to roast module combinations (s) as good and as funny as possible. You can also roast the mod. comb. to the point where it makes no sense.
  • Make sure it has little to no cuss words on your roasting post; make sure it’s on-topic.
  • You can reply to other’s roasting comments (i.e. Ooohhh…! :open_mouth:, :fire::fire:, etc.) by using emojis and text.
  • You can also send pun posts to this topic (I love puns :hugs::heart:).
  • If you want to make a combination comeback, then type “Comeback w/ (Person you’re roasting module-wise)” and type why the module combination is trash.
  • You can also brag about your module combination (emphasize it).
  • Good Luck!

Here’s me roasting module combinations as examples. Enjoy!

  • Side Shot + Anything - Who is this, the Spirit of All Bad Potential? You been to tell me how much points I got from your Side Shot mains, and how I don’t appreciate them enough? :joy:
  • Side Shot + Multi - This isn’t the Side Shot Multi, this is the Side Shot Manatee, constipated aim combination-looking self. Get outta here, mate!