Mods + Devs. ZAP's power is ruining gameplay. Here's why



ZAP - as an aggressive power is far too overpowered and is doing a complete disservice to skilled players who actually last to the later rounds in the game.
What’s the point of playing, being smart with placement, space, direction, and aim - when a speed zapper can suicide charge into you and steal half of your earnt points?

This topic this will also be getting a lot of opposition is that ZAP is severely oversaturated right now on quick play - for the clear reason that it literally takes away 24% of points. I can play and have played with ZAP before – and won because of it! But genuinely I feel it takes away from the true essence of Curve Fever.

  • First off, you’re a line. The bases of the game is survival. ZAP as a power completely contradicts this, with the points that it takes. It promotes rapid, fast gameplay which completely undermines calculated module precision and space use. Why bother taking the time to survive when you can speed burst yourself to death first and still win the round by stealing the leader’s points?

  • Whilst ZAP requires close proximity, it requires 0 precision in regards to any aim or sense of space. Comparatively to shooters like One Shot or Side Shot - that do require degrees of forethought and spatial awareness. Therefore ZAP’s power should really be in a closer range to these modules, especially considering it’s the decreased effort it takes to use, once a player is in the “hit zone.”

  • It rewards sloppy gameplay, specifically towards the later rounds. I think the beauty of some modules, is that in later rounds, you can still make a great comeback - required you hit other players multiple times, enough to earn back a top spot. ZAP literally can require one hit, and then you’ve completely rewired the scoreboard - which renders prior survival efforts completely pointless. I think the game should genuinely make you earn a place back towards later rounds and not a hand a one-hit ZAPPER all the points, simply because they got closer to an opponent. That in itself is not a “skill.”

  • Recommendation: Decrease ZAP’s power by a longshot, to a region of where it used to be, but make the recharge more regular. Perhaps combine this with a slight increase in power percentage from side and one shot, as they feel far too nerfed atm. Find a way to balance these powers out, as they are all in a similar region of ability.

I hope that ZAP users and other module players alike can come together because I do feel that this 24% mark really negatively affects the game atm. Of course, it’s somewhat manageable in certain ways, but the essence of it really undermines gameplay to a drastic extent.


Actually, zap isnt that good, but its one of the only good counters or passives, so for sure, They wont nerf it
for the moment just try to outplay them by using tricks like charging direction at the last second or Staying close to a Line And dont move, because the zapper is gonna expect u to move
anyway this combo isnt op as i said, it need skill to use well speed, it is just annoying to play with player than cant use it properly so They just suicide xd
à practiced à lot to understand how to avoid this combo And now they never beat me… Or almost


You can just run from them. Zap is super close range and if not used with speed it is need a skillful player to get close to someone. As you mentioned the awareness of finding paths and space to get to a player gets crucial without speed.

With speed I get that it is kinda annoying but with the slow reload of speed you can hide very well most of the time. Using a defensive power might help as well. Especially speed, jump or shield are a good counter to speed zappers. Just hide and revenge shoot them with sideshot or whatever offensives you use.


Even before the defensive buffs, speed zap wasnt so good imo. I don’t think it’s a strong combo but its very dangerous.

i dont think so. playing with speed zap requires a lot of precision, reflexes and judgement especially if you’re playing for the win.


Zap isnt OP, if u have a good understanding of the game it is very easy 2 avoid getting zapped,
ive not been zapped for ages, at least i cant remember :sweat_smile:.
passive strategies like time bomb/angle turns are the real problem in the endgame.

-hundatze :innocent:


Zap is almost useless without speed burst.
And Zap+Speed Burst is far from being the best combo of the game.
What’s interesting here in this discussion is the fact that players who replied are regular players. But I understand that when you’re bronze, silver or even gold, Zap+Speed Burst could be one of the best combo. Indeed, you don’t have to be really skilled to speedzap bronze/silver and maybe gold players.
It is harder with diamonds and almost useless with GMs.
But yeah, maybe, Zap ruins gameplay for the newbies. But as soon as you get better, it’s way easier to avoid getting hit. :slight_smile:


Although it may be almost useless without speed I think most people miss the big picture of it being a one hit win weapon. You can afk all game and ht the winner once n the last round and win the game. It should be decreased in power.


If you do that you literally end u with around 25-50 points :joy: don’t know if that is enough to win. You should definitely try to get close to someone with zap, it is not so easy. Other powers are way stronger.


Ive seen it done zap tends to steal much more than what would be normally expect. A player was afk all game came back zapped the winner once and managed to win in one round.


When I read the title, I thought it was a topic from a year ago. :smiley:


Since this post went up I have started to keep track of how many zaps and scatter shots i see in each one of my games. So far I have not played a game with less than three zaps and at least one scatter shot most games have more than three but this is the lowest amount I have seen. This excessive zap scatter spam was not in play until after the update. This is a obvious sign they are over powered but zap is much more so.


What is your rank and what server do you play?


I am in Diamond 1 and I play US servers.


Yeah, and look at one of my replays.

The devs might as well give points back to me.


I agree with you that Zapp isn’t that good of a power in and of itself and you are also right, in that the annoying part are the last round suicide zappers, but in my opinion that doesn’t mean it is anywhere close to beeing balanced.

As of right now Zapp takes 19.8% of your points, in Quickplay at least. That’s a fifth!

That means if a player has 200 Points you get 40 Points which is a decend round worth of points.

Now, I don’t take issue with the general concept behind zapp, it’s not for me, but I did had fun situations dodging it. I do however take issue with the percentage.

So even though I don’t really like Zapp because it feels boring to me, I’m kinda considering switching, because, what I’m also getting bored with, is getting randomly punished for solid playing.


Zap rlly sucks bc in quickplay I had 300 points and was about to win but zap stole a ton of points and that round I ended up egtting zapped so many times it took 100 points and the victor had almost 400. It made me mad…