Mod Balance



In my opinion, some of the mods are a little unbalanced. I think these are unbalanced:

  • Multi Shot = 19.1% @ 3s cooldown

Someone please tell me why multi shot steals the most points compared to the other bullets (one/side/double shot; scatter shot and homing are different bullet types). It shoots 4 shots that could each potentially steal 19% and it doesn’t seem like players are using it skillfully as compared to the others. In addition, the cooldown is so quick that they can just fire it so often, hoping to hit someone. If the steal percent was decreased or cooldown increased, i feel it wouldn’t be as bad.

  • Trippy Fever = 13.5% @ 4s cooldown

I believe reverse fever is the hardest one to survive on and that only steals 6.9%. I think trippy fever is the next hardest to survive, but it steals the same amount as thick fever (which isn’t too hard to survive on). I think if it stole closer to 10%, it would be better balanced.

  • Clock Block = 8.9% @ 4s cooldown

I used to really like this mod, but its effect has slightly changed and I think it should steal more (like 10%) because of it. It used to work where if a player hit the fever, they could not use their mods and the cooldown time stopped as well. Now it works where a player can still use a mod if it was available before hitting the fever and the cooldown time is also halted. Either keep the current effect, but increase the steal percent or revert to the old effect and keep the steal percent.

Any other mods you think are unbalanced? Do you agree with these opinions?



Totally agree with you. I think clock block should be changed back how it used to work. Like this it is just never used and pretty bad… honestly I always see the same fevers.

As for multi shot you could argue that it is harder to aim compared to oneshot because of the angle. But other than that I think you r spot on.

I guess the next balancing patch will come soon tho.


yeah i totally agree like if it’s getting close between me and someone else they scatter shot and then they immediately die because they wanna save their points and i lose points and go to last place



I think multi is in it’s right spot now. When using one shot, or side shot, you can calculate the shot’s way easier, because they go straightforward, or 90 degrees left, and right. Multi’s 45 degrees (i think it’s 45) is much harder to calculate, and lot of people aren’t successful with it because of it’s angle. On the other hand, double is kind of the same as multi, but has only the front shots, so it’s really an illogical damage difference between them.

Scatter is something different, but it can be compared to other shots. In close range, you get a very easy hit (and i think other shots are also 80% used in close range), enemy should just be somewhere in front of you. Its damage is way too much in my opinion.

As for the fevers, i always compare them to mines, because i’m still mad at it.
Fevers advantages: give more points, distract the enemies (even more points if they die), shield doesn’t count against them, gives the opportunity to run away
Mines advantages: creates holes
And also when u explode, you can jump over walls, while with a fever effect, it’s even harder to just curve on your way.
-> So my conclusion, clock block and reverse are somewhere at a good value (but still could give some less points) and all the other fevers are way too overpowered. I could smash my keyboard, when i see a noob having 2 fevers and just spamming them everywhere carelessly and being successful with it…


You mentioned some very interesting things. First up, I have to agree with you that fevers seem in fact a little too strong. However clockblock with it’s current effect is pretty bad, there is no visual difficulties in stearing and it basically only steals points. So a little buff on clockblock would be nice I think. Other fevers might need a nerf tho.

As for the shots, I think they are all around too strong atm. The difference in scatter and other shots is because of it’s range, it is so short that you can run from so easily. In addition to that all other shots have now a huge explosion radius, making them even stronger. I get that 1 shot deals less then multi but double should def deal more damage. Conclusion to shots, nerf all a little and leave doubleshot. Scatter should probs be the same as well.


I totally agree with all of you guys, but you have to take it in context of situation. They completely broken shots and nerfed defending modules and I don’t understand why. Compared to this situation both mines and fevers are ridiculously weak. But when you don’t take shots into account then yes, fevers are little bit on the op side.

@Durt I must disagree with your eval of trip fever. It is really easy to survive. Its even more survivable then thick. You just have to focus on one color and you are ok. What I don’t understand is, that blind fever is even easier and has slightly less.

My problem with this setting is, that it really doesn’t matter how well you can move on the field, because even when you curve through the maze every round without getting shot or cough by mine or fever, you will loose unless you steal points. Others will feed on others. So curving skill doesn’t matter anymore.

I would like to see the change where each mod will get half or quarter the strength of the steal and skills of same group get more together. Then there would be just issue of balancing of the groups against each other. And I agree to the setting where the close range gets most, shoots second, mine third and fevers fourth but difference between close range and fever should be maximally 2%.


I agree and I would also like to include the zap nerf that has been asked for by the community for months now.


I agree a lot with clock block going back to its old form. It used to be a lot better.


Absolutely! Last round, one speedzapper goes for suicide -> 50+ points stolen by one zap and win… This is a game killer. :face_vomiting:


Agreed :joy: time to use speed zap