MM is unsuitable to create balanced games



Besides the thing, that this last version of the team mode s*cks, the matchmaking makes it even worse.

I played 10 matches today, lost all of them. Why?
The average ranks were never nearly the same between the teams. I usually had two silver-bronze (im GM), while enemies had 1-2 GM, usually in top30, and some gold-silvers.
At least one player left every match, and who stayed had no idea, how to play this mode.

I don’t know, what is the algorithm for MM, but it has never created a balanced game.

On the other hand, i would make some obligatory tutorial for everyone to play this game mode, because every time i find myself with people in the room, who have absolutely no idea about the rules…


Thanks for the feedback!

With the current matchmaking, matches like this are very likely (rankings):

1600 - 1600
1400 - 1400
1200 - 1200


1600 - 1600
1600 - 1400
1000 - 1200

So it does not necessarily try to match 6 people of same rank (as most of the times it’s not possible, either because of the number of players in queue or because people of different ranks have queued together as a team).

We do agree that being high-ranked and get matched in team with a beginner is pretty annoying, as you expect them to do something but they do something else. We did consider improving the matchmaking algorithm so it is less likely to match high rank with low rank in the same team, but for the immediate future we have decided to focus on more urgent changes (settle on the team gamemode and fix some critical bugs).

About the tutorial, we are trying to make the gamemode more intuitive and easier to understand, so even if you skipped the (inexistent) tutorial you can still quickly understand what you have to do. Some changes related to this will be released soon.


I think, i wasn’t totally accurate.
For example, let’s see a match, what happened me multiple times:
Enemies: GM ~15, a gold, a silver
My team: GM ~50, a silver, a bronze

So if you pair up the players, each one on the enemy team is one category higher. That’s what i don’t understand. It can happen, that they remained a team, but still…


Matchmaking for teams was changed and team matchmaking is removed.
Archiving this bug report.