Missing photo- after intense lag




It doesn’t bother me, just thought you guys would like to know it’s there. Love the game btw


Dis you tried to refresh the page? Maybe the image hasn’t loaded correctly.


Actually, speaking of this bug. I just played again, and the entire game was laggy and kinda demonic. If you believe in that sorta thing. Anyway, the end result was…


Refreshed the page, but they still there. It’s not bugging me, well the lagging was but nothing to really do about that. But the picture missing doesn’t bother me. Just thought the developers would like to know it’s there if they don’t already


Some of the lag before it demonfied.

Please understand, when I say demonfied. I’m just expressing how laggy and strange it was. ALl the ships went in circles, like nine times without dying. Then glitch into straight lines, before a plague would take over and insta- kill almost everyone.


If you are playing on a shared network with friends and the network is laggy then we can’t do very much about it. The missing crates seem a little weird tho.


Yes,is very demonic as you said ,the normal game for everyone is having slight lagspikes in some games.just try to play at home and close to your router