Message to the developers



Hello there. I just wanted to say something. First of all, I want to thank everyone who helped make this game. You’ve created something great, and a great community has grown out of it. Also the tournaments are always well staffed and organized.

Unfortunately, I think that the communication between the developer and the community is very bad or not at all good. Here are a few points that bother me and maybe others as well:

1.) In October 2019 came the temporary last update. The community has to find out that HiddenMonsterGamer went bankrupt. Until today no statement was made here. (I think so) Most of them have researched this themselves.

2.) Unfortunately we are going through a difficult time with the current virus. CFP has profited from it considerably. The number of players increased enormously. And suddenly there is an update. After more than 6 months! No communication, no suggestions, out of nowhere. Even though the number of players has slightly decreased before the update, the update has made an enormous break. Why was this done now. And why this update?

3.) What does the future look like? Where does CFP see itself again in 6 months?

4.) Why is there no communication with the community? They would certainly be interested to contribute to the development.

5.) What purpose do the moderators serve at the moment?

Why is it not possible to communicate clearly with the community. After all, they are the ones who receive the game. There is no shame in going bankrupt.

Will we ever get a statement?? @Geert
I would be happy if the community would also say something about it.


I support this as well.


Me to




this doesnt make sense i get banned for putting hearts in a chat as a sign of love to cfp :frowning: . u gotta unmute me


I very well Support this and would like to know more about whats going on with developers and im sure the rest of the CFP community would also like to!

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