Memory leak ? => Lagspike




As I often notice in the comments at stake, many people are filled with Freeze or Lag.
Sometimes this is justified on the client side, so not much to do except maybe reduce the demand for connection between the server and the client, but I think this is impossible because of the game that constantly needs to know our positions.

But what I also noticed is that after a few games (~ 4-5) the bugs and especially the Freeze arrive more frequently. While nothing has changed on the client side.
I continually do ping tests during my games to check this and sometimes, no worries on my side but I have some kind of Freeze and some MS that make my keys no longer respond a few milliseconds which is enough to die or catch a missile.

So I assumed that there might be a memory leak in the game. Because if I reload the game page, everything becomes normal again and I can play a few games normally. Or Maybe it’s Chrome ?
And I feel like I’m not the only one with these very frustrating little problems that can make you lose a game.

My configuration:
Computer: Acer Predator G9-593
OS: Windows 10 1803
Browser: Chrome V.70

I would like to point out that during my games, my computer is connected, in optimal performance mode. No other windows are open and no tabs are open in Chrome. There’s only the game.


just refresh after 4-5 game and it will be ok :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for the late reply, in the past we’ve had quite some memory leaks but most of them have been fixed.
There are only a few small leaks remaining but it wouldn’t be the cause of performance issues.
We currently don’t have the time to investigate this further, also haven’t heard a lot of other complaints about this issue so for now you’ll have to keep refreshing :stuck_out_tongue: