Meet the mods - Interview with Skeilah Ex-mod



Helluw Curve Fever community!

Since the moderator team has grown for the past time, it sounds like the right time to get to know the mods a little better! This is an interview about someone that looks out for everything to be snor… no I’m serious… im not snorring you… it’s your very own Skeilah


Name: Silke
Age: 21 (22 on the 22th of November)
Where does your desktop live: In the lovely country called Belgium
When did you join the team: Somewhere in Februari 2018
What is your function: Something called “Community Moderator”, where I’m always watching you.
Skeilah left the moderator team in October 2018

1. Tell us a little more about you!

Well… Okay. Besides of being a community mod, I’m in my first year of this study called "social work”. You could say I have not much free time besides studying and being a mod, but I also have a little time left for my hobby: playing alto-saxophone. I play for 4 years now, and it’s super fun! I have a positive character and like laughing, but I also like to be alone sometimes. No worries, you can always chat with me, I also like company! (something with being a girl and not knowing what I want)

2. Anything cool or crazy you wanna share? :wink:

I have a girl-bunny called Snor. Snor is Dutch for Moustache, so if you like Moustache better, Moustache it is. Some people find it funny that my girl-bunny has a man-likely name. Me too!

3. How familiar are you with Curve Fever? Did you play since the start of CF2 or did you stop by later?

I actually never really played CF2 before I became a mod. I ran into CF3 first because of my boyfriend, who was playing it constantly, so yeah, I stopped by later.

4. What made you decide to apply for the moderator team?

I don’t know. I was just like “I really like this game” and “I like to help people” and “my English is good enough for this” so yeah. My motivation for applying for so far. XD

5. What’s the best thing about the community?

Some people here became really good friends, and altough the community is still growing, you know most of the peoples nicknames and everyone is always like “hiiiiii whatsuppppp?” and thats just super nice.

6. With all this in mind, we must know your favorite song!

My all-time favourite band is Nickelback, but where Far Away was my past favourite, it’s now Coin for the ferryman.

That’s everything for todays post! Be sure to stay tuned for more interviews :smiley: If you want to join the community feel free to do so on Discord :blush: Thanks to Skeilah for telling a little more about herself.