Meet the mods - Interview with Owl



Helluw Curve Fever community!

Since the moderator team has grown for the past time, it sounds like the right time to get to know the mods a little better! This is an interview about someone that is flying above you, waiting for you to win or lose and dives down to… well, write down your score :stuck_out_tongue: It’s your very own Owl.


Name: Ravi
Age: 19
Where does your desktop live: London
When did you join the team: A couple of months ago :slight_smile:
What is your function: I organise the official tournaments for curve fever pro!

1. Tell us a little more about you!

I’m a student at University College London, studying a bunch of different things - computer science and maths, philosophy, epistomology, documentary film making, and more all in a course called, “Arts and Sciences”. I also do long distance trail running - and by “long” I mean looooooooooooooooooooong (my last race was 80km (50miles) with 3.5km of ascent and descent)! I used to play chess when I was a kid and I recently started playing it again. I work as a researcher for a machine learning startup in my spare time (when I’m not studying/playing curvefever ofc). I go to political protests and do a lot of charity projects etc… Erm… What else…? AND I love to cook!

2. Anything cool or crazy you wanna share? :wink:

I used to sing with a national-level choir and I once sang at the Royal Albert Hall with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Sir Simon Rattle. Entropy is really interesting too. If you ever need an intense feeling of powerlessness and dread, read about entropy and how it impacts life, the universe and everything.

3. How familiar are you with Curve Fever? Did you play since the start of CF2 or did you stop by later?

I got a scholarship to go to a boarding school in Germany and in my second year, while I was looking for a game I could play on my lousy laptop, I found CF3. (This was September 2016) I got hooked to the game which was simple, had nice people online, had a nice aspect of progression and which didn’t lag intensely on my shoddy laptop. Then I started a gap year in September '17 where I really started tryharding! I once got to #2, #3, #4 and #5 on the leaderboard at once (though I never got #1 :cry: )!(edited)

4. What made you decide to apply for the moderator team?

I’ve loved this game for a while now and wanted to give back to the community in the way I know best. As a tournament moderator I hope to get more players involved more seriously with the game, and I hope to get the top players in the game to fight off against each other! I want to know who the best people in this game are!

5. What’s the best thing about the community?

Unlike the cf2 community which I find to be quite toxic, this community is usually quite nice and fair with each other. When I come online I can have as much fun chatting to other players as I can playing the game.

6. With all this in mind, we must know your favorite song!

That’s everything for todays post! Be sure to stay tuned for more interviews :smiley: If you want to join the community feel free to do so on Discord :blush: Thanks to Owl for telling a little more about himself.


Who are the moderators and what do they do?

How to say it… that might be the best Meet the mods - Interview so far (:heart: ya @Owl xd), but no matter what @Averazon will be always the best (:heart:).


@Owl for best mod :heart: :joy: thx for all the amazing tours… keep up the good work


The fact that a remix of The Island was chosen as a favorite above the original hurts my soul. :cry:


Wow! You are doing many many many things and you still have time to be a mod and one of the best players :open_mouth: Well its the best Meet the mods ever. You are very nice guy, thanks for all tournaments and keep it up :smiley:


Congratulations to the entire moderator team,thanks to averazon for introducing them


Sry Dusara, I like the original too, but this remix is litt :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: