Meet the ex-mods - Interview with Robt44



Helluw Curve Fever community!

Since the moderator team has grown for the past time, it sounds like the right time to get to know the mods a little better! This is an interview about someone that will keep the peace, behind the scene our one and only muricain, many explosions pewpewboem eagle flies by Robt44


Name: Robert
Age: 18
Where does your desktop live: In the United States on a black cherry desk.
When did you join the team: August 6, 2018
What is your function: Keeper of the Peace; Both inside and outside the game. :peace_symbol:

1. Tell us a little more about you!

I’m currently a senior in high school, I play football (American football that is ), cross country, and chess. I can run a 5K in about 18 minutes and a mile in about 5 minutes (which isn’t really that fast, but I like to think it is). I plan on going into the field of digital media which teaches everything from movie making to programming. Some of my hobbies are; programming, sketching, and taking things apart. (All self-taught of course)! :smiley:

2. Anything cool or crazy you wanna share? :wink:

My username doesn’t actually mean anything. I was just playing a game one day and “Robert” was taken so I tried a bunch of different combination such as Robrt, R0bert, etc. finally after what felt like an eternity (as a kid), I came up with “Robt” which was the only username that wasn’t taken, and ever since then I’ve just used it.

3. How familiar are you with Curve Fever? Did you play since the start of CF2 or did you stop by later?

I started playing Curve Fever about 2 months before Curve Fever 3 came out, and once Curve Fever 3 appeared I stopped playing Curve Fever 2… I tried to get better at cf3 but it never worked out, and now I’m here in CfPro and cf2 (again.) :smiley:

4. What made you decide to apply for the moderator team?

I saw that there was a need for help amongst the CF community so I decided to apply.

5. What’s the best thing about the community?

The way everyone tries to help out each other with bugs and questions and so on.

6. With all this in mind, we must know your favorite song!

That’s everything for todays post! Be sure to stay tuned for more interviews :smiley: If you want to join the community feel free to do so on Discord :blush: Thanks to Robert for telling a little more about himself :smiley:


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Robt is a such nice mod <3


Thanks, I hide my horns very well. :smiling_imp:



I know this is a late reply man, but Robert… What positions do you play and whats your favorite NFL team?


Tight end.


I’m a defensive end :100: what division is your highschool in?


Thought robt was a jedi master😂


Nah. He is a sith lord