Me rankey keepeth decreseth


aye guys so i was playing a custom with one of my friends right? I win him, hes kinda easy dubs. anyway instead of getting +5 and +9 i get - 9 and -5 i have a screen shot of the match replay

The first set of words is when I played the match, the second is the match code, third is amount of players, 4 is ship, 5 is powerups, 6th is PLACE 7 is how many you are supposed to get


@Wreck happens sometimes. It’s how the game is, I used to be GM now I’m diamond 1. You will always have ups and downs part of life amigo.


No I got first place


Maybe you got shared first. In general 1v1s are kinda weird.


This has happened to me before. Once I did some 1v1s with my friend and whoever lost would lose trophies but whoever won would get 0 trophies! We left that day with like 30 fewer trophies each :joy:


That happened as well,only in custom last month(now i go there only in unranked games,)


Do you think the devs can fix our rank?