May my name be changed to a be capitalised first letter?


My name is currently ‘committing’ on Curve Fever (The game) and I was hoping to change it to ‘Committing’.

(Uppercase C)

I cannot work out how to change that in my name. Is it possible?



Nope it isnt possible :laughing:
nobody cares about ya name anyway :sweat_smile:



It’s not about other people. I’m requesting if it can be done by a staff member


I think staff members have far better things to do :sweat_smile:



Kid, get out of here.


U do not have 2 be insulting nether here nor in the private chat :innocent:
U are not that important, if u do not want 2 admit that 2 urself, fine its not my problem :sweat_smile:



As I said already. Kid, get out of here. Thank you


We do not do name changes yet. If you want another username the only thing that you can do it make a new account. Sorry for that.


Thanks, hope this can be implemented in the near future.



It would in fact be a nice feature but for now we don’t have it. I will close this topic with this, if you have further questions feel free to ask.

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