Max Point Steal Idea


Right now the amount of points u can steal scales way too aggresively into the late game. This the early rounds means a lot less which isnt good.

first round stealing is pretty much useless, and
the ones right after i think the amount is pretty fair, but why the f can u steal 50 points with 1 ability in the late rounds.

Instead I think having a cap on the points u can steal is a good idea. For example

Single Shot = 21pts
Side Shot = 20pts
Zap = 24 pts

Or something like that


i propose that in each round all players have 250 points or so , the rest of established rules stays as it it,to finally the winner of the game will be determinated by the summatory of all points earned from all rounds


If other players can steal 50 points, you can too.


That’s true assuming that i’m using a zap/shot ability, but the problem with early game and survival being undervalued remains


yeah -66 by one shot is too much


The thing is that would be an addition factor in the balancing… I think they should just lower all attack stats, atm attacking is far Superior to surviving (sadly). But then again a cap per power would be cool.