Matchmaking sucks & more incentive to play


matchmaking is really infuriating, i can get stuck with someone who is the same rank as me in diamond and then the other players can be bronze/silver. This makes it so even if i get second to the guy with the same rank as me and beat all the bronze/silver i still lose a lot of trophies. Also you get put in games where you win +1/ +0 trophies for winning which is basically a waste of time. I don’t think you should even be able to get in a game with bronze players if you are in diamond but i guess that’s due to the fact there aren’t enough people queueing.

Also think that there should be more incentive and rewards for playing. I think you should get rewards depending on the ranks you achieve, because rn the only thing you get is a cool border. 4 crate slots for crates that just give you a bit of xp reallly sucks. Maybe battle pass can let you get more crate slots and crates should give a variety of things, not just xp.


First up to the matchmaking, we are aware of it being an issue atm and devs try to change it all the time. For now we have to deal with it and get the best out of it. Maybe adjusting your region of playing might help a little.

The crates only give XP because gems would be too valuable and other then that there is no real currency in the game atm. Maybe this will change with future battlepasses, but I don’t know. Would be cool indeed to get something more out of the crates. They are mostly used to unlock modules which is cool tho :joy: