Matchmaking needs looked at



I just played in a game where myself, a Gold 2, was not only the only gold in a game, I was the only player above bronze. From this game, I won 2 trophies. Had I not won, god only knows how many trophies I would have lost. No offense to the Bronzes I just played, but that particular game was not that much of a challenge. I personally have no issues with having to wait a few extra minutes to be put in a ranked match with people at my level. That way it is possible to actually move up in rank. The biggest issue in my opinion with playing Bronze and Silver players is that if you have to quit the game (I know a lot of us players play during school, so game completion rate cannot be that high) you won’t lose 10-15 trophies. All this being said, a quick play feature that does not take rank into account would be a fantastic addition.

Thanks for reading

  • Wernigo


Lol… where do u want to get rank then? In private rooms or what?


In the most recent updates matchmaking had some changes :slight_smile: This should improve the system.