Matchmaking is such a joke


Spare me with all the “not enough players to have more sophisticated matchmaking implemented”.

I am in the queue and I see 2 other gms which I want to be matched with because I’m also being a GM.

Instead they are fkn launched into a match while I am the only one left in the queue only to be matched with silvers, bronze and golds 20 seconds later.

FFS, those silvers that I got matched with could’ve just be matched with other silvers that got matched with those 2 GMs that got launched right before me. Literally 30 seconds of waiting difference !!! Just what the hell!!!

This happened 3 times in a row now. I see 2 GMs, I click PLAY as I want to be matched with them but instead they get fkn launched into a match with silvers and leaving me to be matched with another silvers.

Custom games is fkn joke, dont tell me to play that in order to play with GMs when I want to earn ship points for playing in quick play which isn’t in custom games.

There should be filtering option where you want to play either with only gms and golds or everyone, or either only silvers or everyone.

This would work only when you’re not playing a crate game, so whenever you have modules installed on that already have a crate (or you’ve done full 8 crates), then you are able to filter out either golds/silvers etc.

Whenever you do play a crate game then the filtering would be disabled.


I dont know about your filtering strat but i have to admit that it happened to me as well that there were other GMs in the queue and i get paired with silvers :joy: but who cares haha


I agree - I would also love a function that allows me to set a minimum rank requirement. This could then come with a number of players of this rank in the queue and number of players online in general with this rank requirement (in game as well). Saying this when this happens to me, I usually just wait until more gms join the queue.

As for reasons why this happens, its possible that you’re just too high ranked. I have just deranked from 1975 to 1850 because when you’re a higher rank difference away from the other gms compared to gold players, they are likely to pick them. The other reason why this might happen is due to how long others have been in the queue for. As far as I know (and please correct me if I’m wrong here) the longer you are in the queue, the wider the range of ranks you can play with is. For example, if a silver player has been in the queue for lets say 1 minute, the rank range they can be matched with will reach a low gm rank. If other gms have been in the queue longer then their range of ranks they can play with will be wider and so they will join the silver match first and you will then wait.

For now I think the simplest thing is to just re ready up every 30 seconds or so in order to prevent the rank boundaries which your opponents come from from getting to silver ranks. Since the game has a lot of silver players there shouldn’t be too many times where you jump straight into the queue and are matched immediately with silvers.


FFS I was a gm at about 80-90 and the two other gms were 40-50 and 60-70. So I wasn’t higher than them. This happened 3 times in a row !!!

There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to only be matched with gms and golds only. Those silvers that I got matched with could’ve just been matched with the other silvers that got matched with those 2 gms literally 20 seconds earlier so literally 20 seconds or even less waiting time difference.


the reason it might happen is that those gm’s are on the eu server and you are on the us server (or other way around). The algorithm than only allows you to be matched together after at least 20 seconds have passed. At that time, you would also be easily matches with high silvers or low golds.


We as the players should be able to override the EU-US function and be able to be matched either with only gms and golds only. (Unless it’s a crate game).


All the silvers would appreciate it as I’m sure most don’t want to be matched with gms as I’ve seen even silvers who got totally pissed and quit the game because of being completely overwhelmed and having no chance against gms.

But also all the gms would appreciate the feature as well as then we’d actually be able to play very decent, very intense matches in quick play.

It would be a win-win for both.


This is not related to EU/US, it happened countless times back when I was low top 100 (and now when I’m not top 100 but 1600-1650 depending on the moment) with players whom I know to be EU (as myself), like Owl and Wojtas and others.

The scenarios like “There are two GMs in the queue, e.g. Owl top 10 and some GM around #40. I - around #90 at that time - join the queue, we all wait a minute or so and I and #40 got matched with gold 4, gold 8 and two silvers, and Owl or the other top player is left behind”. Or now that I’m not top 100 anymore, alternatively either this happens or I only get matched with silvers / low golds, and both better GMs are left behind. I used to be happening in 50% - if not more - of the total number of all situations when I see >=#50 GMs in the queue (including them or me waiting way longer than 20s), before I started to purposefully jump out of the queue when it looked to me like this would happen - so now I get more reasonable matches but it’s not that enjoyable not to be able to simply jump into the queue and wait.

This would all make sense of course if the playerbase was larger, as in such case top 10 would probably prefer to wait 2 more minutes for another 1900 player rather than playing with a 1650 player who is in no shape an equal match for them. But in the current state of playerbase such matchmaking makes no sense because match between six 1800+ players will never happen, so even if a 1900 would prefer to play only with their equals, in reality if they would’ve got a match where all players are 1600+, it’s the best to hope for as of today (and not really possible out of busy hours anyway).

And it is even worse for the low players, because these silvers need to play this match with me or other 1600-1700 players, and then the other set of low ranks will be playing the match with the #10 GM (because he will have waited long enough to be matched with them). And both sets of silvers get annoyed at this (usually simply they quit these matches), while they could’ve had liked the game if they got matched with each other, instead of half of them being matched with #10 and half of them with 1600-1700.

I think before the playerbase gets larger, there should be significantly higher “tolerance” for 1600+ players in the rank difference taken into account by the matchmaking.

Because if player A is, say, 1600, and after say 120 (random number) seconds his/her “tolerance” is 1400-1800 (i.e. the match can start if they would be matched with players within this range), and player B is 1900 and after 120 seconds their “tolerance” is 1700-2100, this might look “fair”. But in truth for player B, there are almost no players in the upper half of this interval (1900-2100), so player A has way higher “real” probability to get a match with five 1400s, rather than wait a bit longer and get a match with this 1900. So for high-ranked players the “tolerance” should start increasing much quicker than it is increasing now, and only stop once it gets some reasonable level (like 1600). So as an example taking the figures above, if let’s say:

  • the tolerance for the 1600 player in question, would start at their “ideal interval” 1600-1600 in 0s, and raise to “acceptable interval” 1400-1800 in 120 seconds (random figures just for illustration purposes)
  • the tolerance for the 1900 player in question, would already start at “ideal interval” being larger e.g. 1700-2100 in 0s, then raise to “acceptable interval” 1600-2200 in 120 seconds, and then it started to increase slower than “normal” players’ (to accommodate for the “jump” at the beginning, so that the interval doesn’t start to include low-ranks quickly),

it would allow the 1600s player be matched with GM with higher probability - instead of 1600 being matched with silvers and GM being matched with golds (after longer wait) - and at the same time the silvers/low-golds would be saved from being matched with GM and 1600 and will not hate those matches.


Honestly 1650 is diamond high gold/ diamond already. I celebrate if I get a match with everyone this high!


even if a 1900+ play with 1650, he will still have to win the game to get pts,
for example im 1970, and i lose around 5 pts if i get in game with 1650 (for 2nd) but if i get matched with 1825-50 i wouldnt lose pts for second place. so honestly i prefer to wait 3 min to be with diamond 3-4 rather than play with diamond 7-8 ( but this will never happen cuz there is not enought player and there is max 10 player who reached that point in the game)


for me, as a lower rated player (gold3), I like to be matched with higher rated players, cause that way, I’ll loose less points if I get 2nd, 3rd… and if I win, i get many Rank Points. And if i play with same/ lower rated players, i will loose too much.
I think this is a flaw in the system, because it rewards the player who intentionally matches with higher ranked players by canceling queue, or waiting until higher rated players enter the queue. At least for me personally it feels like i have a higher chance to get rank points with a few GM’s and a few silvers, than with 5 other Gold Players. Idk, it feels like i would steal rank points from the higher rated players …Doesn’t seem right. xD

And also in those games (Gm + me + silver), the silver tend to quit sometime (maybe because loosing )
or are frustrated and write that in the chat

So I think, if the Elo differences are big, Elo shouldn’t be that Volatile. If you win 1 match against a GM, you shouldn’t get soo many points, and the GM shouldn’t loose that many points. And if you’re matched with similar Elo, you should earn more rank points than right now, that’s how I feel like.